Building control

LIM reports and building consents.

The Council's Building Control team can help you with a range of building needs and requirements including:

  • LIM reports.
  • Building Consent applications and amendments.
  • Project Information Memorandum.
  • Building and plumbing inspections.
  • Code Compliance Certificate applications.
  • Compliance Schedules and building warrants of fitness.
  • Certificate of Acceptance information.

New legislation came into force on 1 March 2012 with regards to Restricted Building Works. Click here>> for more information.

Unauthorised activities

If you are undertaking any building, project or activity that may require consent or licence from Council under legislation or any bylaw, please check with Council prior to beginning. The cost of obtaining a consent or licence prior to beginning your activity is often far less expensive than the cost you will pay if Council has to undertake corrective action to obtain compliance.

Building News Building News

News and notices from the building sector.

Consents Consents

When a building consent is required and how to apply.

E/Q Prone Bldgs E/Q Prone Bldgs

Legislation, policy and Council's role.

Forms Forms

Consent application forms.

Guides Guides

Customer & designer guides.


Land Information Memorandum (LIM) Reports.


Restricted Building Works: How these changes affect you.

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Building Department

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