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Final Document

This is the final document, as approved by the Council in November 2010 and amended by submissions.

 Greymouth Town Development Strategy (2 MB)
Update -
19 September 2011

A Pedestrian Linkages Report has been prepared. The “Action List” in Appendix A of this report identifies priority projects. 
 Pedestrian Linkages Report (6 MB)
The next meeting of the Town Development Advisory Group will be held at the end of November 2011. The purpose of this meeting is for various agencies to discuss the town development projects that they are working on and to share advice. 
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Previous Updates

5 July 2011


So, how are we doing?


Submissions on pedestrian linkages closed on 27 June 2011 and a summary of submissions received is available below.


 Pedestrian Linkages Summary of Submissions (293 kb)


30 June 2011


The Town Development Advisory Group met on 28 June 2011 to discuss projects and share advice. The minutes of the meeting provide an overview about the projects that various lead agencies are working on. Please have a read.


 Minutes of meeting 28 June 2011 (32 kb)

 GDC Update Report June 2011 (13 kb)

 Parking Strategy Report Update (48 kb)


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