Rates search

Rates and property search within the Grey District.


Rating valuations are as at 1 September 2012. For further information on revaluations, please click here>>.


Note: This page may take a few seconds to fully load.

This basic map search allows you to seach via property address or an assessment number if you have your account. 

If you are not sure of the exact address, there are more search options available on the full Grey District Council mapping page>>

You can also browse to the full map once you have found a property here.

The full map site contains lots of other information, including:

  • Council assets (sewerage, water, stormwater)
  • Planning information (zones etc...)
  • More detailed rates information on what rates are payable

Cautionary Note: 
While all due care has been taken, Grey District Council does not give any warranty that information contained is accurate.