Easter Sunday Trading


Should Easter Sunday Trading be allowed in the Grey District?

Dated at GREYMOUTH on 21 November 2016
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Easter Sunday trading has been limited in New Zealand for many decades. However, a recent Central Government change may alter that. In reaction to calls from the national business community, Parliament has recently granted local authorities the ability to create local policies to allow shop trading across their entire district or in limited areas on Easter Sunday. Note: Local policies cannot control or override shop trading provisions in other legislation, such as defining specific opening hours, liquor licensing provisions or determining what types of shops may open.

Should Easter Sunday trading be allowed?

Grey District Council would like to know the community's views on Easter Sunday trading to assist in the development of a policy representative of the views of the majority of residents within our District. Council are especially interested in the reasons for particular viewpoints, ie why you think it should or shouldn't be allowed.

A full report, including a summary of feedback received and proposed direction, will be tabled at a meeting of Council early in 2017.

Considering submissions

Council will hear and consider all submissions at their ordinary meeting in March.

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