Sustainable Harvesting on GDC Land

Council received a request for a licence to undertake sustainable logging of native trees on one of our forest blocks. Before considering the request or any associated issues, earlier this year Council asked for public feedback on the principle of whether it should allow sustainable harvesting of native forests on land it owns.

We received a whopping 14,000 plus submissions from around NZ and abroad. Council heard submitters at their meeting on 12 June 2017 and considered the matter on Monday 14 August 2017.

Councillors voted unanimously to defer a decision for six months pending a Department of Conservation (DOC) ecological report and to pursue the sale or land exchange of its forests to DOC.

Grey District Mayor Tony Kokshoorn said many submissions were misinformed, with people wrongly believing the Council was going to clear-fell native forests.

"Sewell Peak and Ivy Bay were never up for discussion because the application was made from Forever Beech on Mt Buckley," Kokshoorn said.

"We as Coasters know that our forests here are the jewel in the crown and so we're always going to protect our forests. But, somehow it was picked up by big groups of people and used for the wrong reasons."


You can read the full Council decision below.

From the minutes of the ordinary meeting of Council, 14 August 2017:

16/12/037 – F/9:  Council’s Indigenous Forests – Approving right to access for sustainable harvesting

Refer pages 19-29 of Agenda.
                                               Proposed His Worship
                                               Seconded Cr Sandrey

  1. "Council notes the contents of this report.
  2. Council acknowledges the submissions received and the fact that the issue at hand is topical and of importance to members of the public.
  3. Council records its disappointment with the fact that many submitters failed to respond to Council’s request for guidance from its community on the question whether it should be involved in sustainable logging on its land and confirms its commitment to determining the ForeverBeech application purely on the merits of the application for Council against the background of public feedback.
  4. Council confirms its focus in this to be on Mt Buckley forest only, and that any such action in any of Council’s other two forests, if ever, will be subject to separate processes.
  5. Council defers a decision on the principle of logging as part of the sustainable management of its forests and also the application by ForeverBeech to sustainably log the Mt Buckley forest for a period of six months pending Department of Conservation’s determination of the ecological significance of Council’s forests and to, in the meantime actively pursue the sale or land exchange of its forests to the Crown.”

Motion Carried

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