Road Closures

On this page you will find details of upcoming and proposed road closures.


Marlborough Street between High Street & Shakespeare Street - 26 March to 20 April

Marlborough Street from Shakespeare Street to High Street will be closed from Monday 26 March until Friday 20 April. Please note this is now a full closure, ie 24 hours a day. This is to allow for the roundabout installation on the High Street & Marlborough Street intersection. We apologise for any inconvenience this closure may cause.

Aerodrome Road - 13/14 April 2018

Road to be closed: Aerodrome Road

Date and time of closure: From 6am on Friday 13 April 2018 to 5pm on Saturday 14 April 2018

Purpose of closure: AgFest

Map of closure:

Road closure - 13-14 April 2018 (PDF, 352KB)

Local road closures due to recent severe weather events

Last updated 5.15pm, Thursday 22 February 2018

  • Cobden Tiphead road from Speedway - closed until further notice due to construction of new sea wall following ex Cyclone Fehi on 1 February
  • Beach Road, Rapahoe - closed until further notice due to damage/debris from ex Cyclone Fehi

General reminder for people to take care and drive to the conditions as there may be debris or rough road surfaces following the storm. We apologise for any inconvenience these closures may cause.

Jellyman Park carpark currently open but subject to change

Council closed the Jellyman Park carpark (including the access road) on Wednesday 7 February as we started works on the new sea protection wall along Cobden Beach. However, the contractors are now going to access the area from the other end of the beach which means the Jellyman Park carpark is open again in the interim. This may be subject to change as works progress and we'll keep our website updated. People are asked to take care in this area. Cobden breakwater road will remain closed.


Pursuant to the Tenth Schedule of the Local Government Act 1974, notice is hereby given that the Grey District Council proposes to close the following streets to ordinary vehicular traffic for the period indicated hereunder:

Around Brunner Cycle Race - Saturday 28 April 2018

Roads to be closed:

  • Herbert Street between Lord Street and Turumaha Street
  • Lord Street between Herbert Street and Tainui Street
  • Murray Street from Turumaha Street to Tainui Street

Date and time of closure: Saturday 28 April 2018, 4am to 6pm

Purpose of closure: Around Brunner Cycle Race

Map of closure:

Road closure - 28 April 2018 (PDF, 436KB)

Any affected person objecting to the proposal is called upon to lodge notice of his/her objection and grounds thereof in writing before 5pm on 25 April 2018 at the office of the Grey District Council, 105 Tainui Street (PO Box 382) Greymouth.


Council does not look after State Highways - there are the responsibility of the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA).

You can find up-to-date information on any closures etc on the NZTA website:

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