Annual Report

What is an Annual Report?

The Annual Report is an account to our community on how Council has performed for the last financial year in relation what we said we were going to do in our Long Term Plan. In our Annual Report we present:

  • What we spent (financial statements); and
  • What we delivered for the money that we spent (reporting on our performance measures).

How have we performed

We’re pleased to report that Council has performed well financially for the period 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017. Our actual performance is better than that which was forecast in the Annual Plan and this document reports a a small surplus of $20,000 as opposed to the budgeted deficit of $1,346,000. This indicates that Council continues to act in a prudent and responsible manner in managing our District’s finances.

It has mainly been business as usual for the 2016/2017 year. We continue to carefully monitor our infrastructure and assets to ensure we provide the levels of service the community expects, now and into the future. We’re always actively looking for ways to do things better and provide a “value for money” service to our ratepayers.

The last local body elections were held in October 2016. As an outcome, we farewelled two long-standing councillors – Councillor Kevin Brown and Councillor Doug Truman. We are sincerely thankful for their dedication over the years. And welcome to the two new faces at the Council table - Councillor Tania Gibson and Councillor Patrick McBride.

Looking ahead, our local economy appears to continue to strengthen and tourism, an important pillar of our economy, remains robustly solid in both international and domestic visitors. Council’s vision is to ensure the Grey District is a progressive, sustainable area where people want to live, work, play and invest in and we will keep working towards this, identifying and supporting initiatives to diversify and strengthen our economy, as well as providing quality infrastructure and community facilities.

Highlights from the last 12 months

More details on our achievements and highlights are available in the documents below. Some points of highlight include:

  • The Westland Recreation Centre (combined pool, gym and stadium facility) opened to the public on 20 August 2016. This Centre has become hugely popular and is well on the way to being the sport and recreation hub of our community that we envisioned it would be.
  • After months of public consultation and planning, ground was broken on the new Town Square and Tainui Shared Street areas in March 2017. Despite encountering a few problems which pushed the timeline out somewhat, it is expected the new spaces will be ready for the community to enjoy by Christmas. Council is also working closely with Mawhera Incorporation on investment and development opportunities within our CBD.
  • Council have been a factor in enabling the construction of the new Moana Health Clinic by providing the necessary land at a nominal rental and funding from our Area Instructure Funds (as approved by the affected communities). The Clinic was officially opened last month.
  • In partnership with the Community Energy Action Charitable Trust, our retirement housing units had their insulation upgraded above the minimum standard required by changes under the Residential Tenancies Act. All units were upgraded, except where the ceiling and floor spaces were inaccessible - alternative heating options were provided to those occupants.

More information

Please take the time to read the Annual Report Summary and full Annual Report. Here are links to the documents on our website:

Annual Reports from previous years can be found here.

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