Special Licences

A reminder that Special Licence applications need to be in to Council a minimum of 20 working days before the event. If you lodge an application outside this timeframe, you will be required to apply for a waiver under Section 208 of the Act from the District Licensing Committee (DLC) and if this is not granted, your application will not be processed.

We also take this opportunity to let applicants know that from the end of 2017, the 20 working day requirement will need to be met in all but exceptional circumstances. Both applicants and their customers need to be made aware of this requirement during their planning of future events and the applicant will need to have robust administrative systems in place in order to meet this requirement.

Applications lodged within the 20 working day period places undue pressure on the reporting agencies (Police/Fire/Health) involved in the processing of these applications, as by law they have 15 working days to report on an application. Until approval is given by these agencies, the Chief Licensing Inspector is unable to prepare their report that is then forwarded to the DLC for a meeting to be held and a decision made on the application.

Christmas deadlines

Under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act, working days stop on 19 December 2017 and don’t start again until 16 January 2018, so applications over Christmas right through to February next year must be lodged by 21 November 2017.

Date of notice: 10 November 2017

Page reviewed: 15 Dec 2015 12:07pm