Drones & Flying Devices

Thesedays more and more people are using remote controlled drones or aircraft or kites. It is important to note that the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has very specific rules around the flying of these things, especially within built up areas and near aerodromes.

Any flying in the Greymouth, Blaketown, Cobden, South Beach and Boddytown areas requires specific approval from Council and must meet certain conditions. For example, if you're within 4km of an aerodrome, you also require permission from the aerodrome owner/operator.

The CAA can impose hefty fines on people who breach this requirement so it pays to know the rules. For a copy of the rules, please visit the CAA website.

If you have any questions please speak to our Assets & Engineering team, phone 03 769 8611 or email infrastructure@greydc.govt.nz.

Page reviewed: 12 May 2017 1:50pm