Greymouth Aerodrome

The Greymouth Aerodrome is a base for owners of private recreational aircraft, eg microlight planes and model aeroplanes. It is located adjacent to the Greymouth Hospital, St Johns Ambulance headquarters, Land Search and Rescue Base and the Air Search and Rescue Helicopter Base. Just a short distance away is the Columbus Coffee Shop, situated inside the Mitre 10 Mega complex.

Council manages and maintains the Aerodrome to make sure it is safe for all users, including the runway, taxi area, grass runway, security fencing and navigation lights (suitable for night time or adverse weather). The Aerodrome has an important Lifelines function in an event of an emergency.

The Greymouth Aero Club has a base at the Aerodrome and they act as a control centre for incoming and departing aircraft, both commercial and recreational flights.

The facility has a concrete helipad, parachute landing area and has been used a training venue for air rescue, rural fires and defensive car drives.

Basic facts

​Civil Aviation Authority Classification​Non Certified
​Total sealed runway length​1,091 metres
​Total grass runway length​250 metres
​Sealed runway capacity (maximum plane size)​5,700 kg maximum certified take off weight (MCTOW) 
Note: Armed Forces have special exemptions to exceed MCTOW
​Number of planes based at Aerodrome or regularly use​1-2 seats: 6
1-9 seats: 1 (air ambulance service)
​Number of helicopters based at Aerodrome​3
​Fuelling facility​Yes - Z Energy


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