Membership & Charges


​​Grey District Library

Joining the Library

Joining the Library is free for Grey and Westland District residents. People who live in districts other than Grey and Westland may join for a fee. To become a member you will need to bring with you:

  • Proof of identity, e.g. driver licence, passport or bank card with name and signature; and
  • Proof of address, e.g. utility bill, bank statement or rates notice.

(Please note that if you have recently moved to the Grey or Westland Districts and are not yet receiving mail, then the Library can supply alternate means to provide you with proof of address).

If you are under the age of 16 you will need a parent or a guardian to come in with you and sign the membership as guarantor.

If you are a visitor to the District, you are welcome to join the Library. Visitors may join the Library for $15 per month, which allows them to borrow up to four items. This membership can be renewed each month. Visitors will also need to bring  proof of identity and proof of address with them.

Joining the Library - Online Registration

You can get started on your membership to the Grey District Library by clicking on the following link: Join the Library

To complete your registration and receive your card, please bring proof of identity and address (see above) to the Library.  If you are under the age of 16 you will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian, who, as guarantor, will provide the proof of identity and address.


Please bring your card with you if you wish to borrow.  If you forget your card, you will need to provide proof of identity.

You are legally responsible for all items issued to your card (or, in the case of guarantors, to your guarantees’ cards) and for any charges incurred. 

Please let us know as soon as possible if your card has been lost or stolen so that we can block the card from being used.

Please let us know if you change your address, phone number or other membership details.

Loan periods/renewals

​Rental and free fiction books are issued for 3 weeks​New fiction books are issued for 2 weeks
​Large print books are issued for 3 weeks​Non-fiction books are issued for 3 weeks
​Audiobooks are issued for 3 weeks​Adult DVD's are issued for 1 week
​Magazines are issued for 3 weeks​Young adult items are issued for 3 weeks
​Children's books are issued for 3 weeks​Junior DVD's are issued for 3 weeks
​Jigsaws are issued for 3 weeks

Provided no reserves have been made, you can renew items up to three times. Initial rental charges apply.  Items may be renewed at the Library, over the phone or online.

Returning materials

Please return all items to the issuing Library. If you need to return items after hours, both the Grey District Library and the Runanga Community Library have an after-hours slot near the entrance. 

Fees and Charges 

Our loan charges make it accessible for everyone to use the Library. You can borrow the latest bestsellers for just $2 for two weeks or take advantage of our $1 rental fiction - yours to read for three weeks! We also have loads of items, ie books, magazines, jigsaws, for borrowing at little or no charge.

Looking for something to watch or listen to? Check out our extensive DVD and growing audiobook collection.

For a full list of our fees and charges, please click here.

Please note that the Library entrance is a smoke free zone. Signs to remind visitors of this are displayed in the garden bed and in the window beside the after-hours book return. A designated smoking area is available at the Mackay Street end of the veranda. Thank you for your co-operation.



Runanga Community Library

Book lending services only.

To borrow from the Runanga Community Library’s collection directly, you will need to join separately from the Grey District Library. Grey District Library members can, however, request books from the Runanga Community Library.

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