Port Facilities

​​The harbour

Entrance is across a bar, between breakwaters to cargo wharves on the river and fish unloading wharves/fishing boat berthages in Erua Moana Lagoon.

LINZ Chart NZ 7142 "Greymouth Harbour and Approaches" explains entrance beacons. Maximum entrance draught is usually 4.8 metres at neap tides to 5.5 metres at spring tides, but varies between about 4.5 and 6 metres.


Pilotage is advised for vessels over 100 GRT if the master is not familiar with the Port. Pilotage may become compulsory in the future. If pilots are required to assist vessel entry into Port, one weeks’ notice is required to allow the Harbour Supervisor to arrange for qualified licenced pilot.

Advisory services for entry and departure provided by Harbour Supervisor on VHF Channel 14 or Mobile 64 027 435 3424. Current depths at bar, river channel, lagoon and berths, sounding plans and swell forecasts available by email. Vessels over 3.5m draught must contact the Harbour Supervisor before Port entry.

Fishing port and marine services

Fish unloading, fish receival, processing and ice facilities are available by arrangement with Westfleet Fishermen's Co-operative Ltd and Talleys Fisheries Ltd.

Westfleet - ph 03 768 5370 | web www.westfleet.co.nz

Talleys - ph 03 769 9070 | web www.talleys.co.nz

Water and electricity on wharves.


Vessels up to 80 tonne DWT max. weight
Maximum draught 3.1 m
Maximum keel length 17 m
3 phase/1 phase power

 Application to use the Port Slip (PDF, 75KB)


At an extraordinary meeting on Monday 3 August 2015, Grey District Council, after an in-depth consideration of all its options, resolved to purchase a Launcheston dredge from Tasmania, Australia. The dredge was fully inspected on behalf of Council and found to be in very good condition and ideal for our purposes.


For a Port information pack, conversion charts, soundings and more useful links, check out the Key Information page.​

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