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Page last updated: 8 October 2018

School holiday fun

The inflatable will be in the pool for the October school holidays every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 1pm to 3pm. Children must be aged five and over and must be competent swimmers.

Competency tests will be held Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 12.30pm to 1.30pm.

Member spotlight

Name(s): Brad and Madeline Bernard

Date of joining the Westland Recreation Centre: Brad - 17 July 2017, Madeline - 5 September 2016

Combined weight loss: 43 kilograms

Brad and Madeline Bernard joined the Westland Recreation Centre in the hope to change their lifestyle and become healthier. Today (Wednesday 29 August) they are the winners of the Regional Life Style Ambassador award after losing a combined 43kgs by taking part in the Les Mills and other group fitness classes at our gym!

We have asked them some questions about their fitness journey and how it’s changed their lives in the hope to inspire others...

1. What made you take the first step and join up at the Westland Recreation Centre?

Madeline: I joined up in the hope to help lose some weight.

Brad: I really enjoy getting out on the push bikes. Once Madz started the Les Mills RPM classes I noticed a huge improvement in her cycling. At the end of rides, while I was gasping and panting for breath she was still as fresh as a daisy.

2. How did you choose what Group Fitness classes to begin your journey with?

Madeline: I went with a friend from work and Les Mills RPM was a class that fitted both of us time wise.

Brad: Les Mills RPM! Can’t be shown up by the Mrs.

3. What Group Fitness class is your favorite?

Madeline: Les Mills Body Pump and Cocky's Circuit but enjoy them all.

Brad: RPM, Spin, Cocky's Circuit ... All of them really

4. What advice would you give someone who was wanting to start their own fitness journey?

Brad and Madeline: Don't hold back, give it a go, the instructors and staff are really friendly and approachable.

5. Did attending group fitness classes make you feel a part of a tribe and did it keep you motivated?

Brad and Madeline: Absolutely!!

6. What was your biggest challenge to overcome and how did you do this?

Madeline: Getting up for the 6am classes, especially in winter. Motivation from Brad helped make sure I got to them.

Brad: The umpteenth time Linda or Marty say "ADD A HALF TURN" (on the resistance knob on the RPM or Spin bike). I Only pretend to turn up and hope it’s dark enough that the instructor doesn’t notice haha.

7. What healthy lifestyle choices have helped you most?

Madeline: Forcing myself to go to the gym even when I really don’t want to. It’s those workouts that count.

Brad: Cutting out the 10 pm McDonalds McFlurry run.

8. How did Westland Recreation Centre motivate you to reach your goals?

Brad and Madeline: Having instructors that help to guide you through whatever journey you may be on. (Fat loss/ Strength training or cardiovascular training they will help you reach your goals)
The personal trainers in the gym can provide meal plans made especially for you as well as programs designed for your goals. ie. Muscle gain or to lose weight.
We have found the staff amazing.

9. How did you handle any challenging times?

Madeline: Mine was to have Brad there with me for those days when I didnt feel up to going to the gym. When I felt fat or unmotivated I needed that support which I got from both Brad and the Instructors at the Westland Recreation Centre. Making friends there helps to, which is easy to do. No one judges you at the Westland Recreational Centre which is great when you are starting out and not feeling confident.

Brad: Haven’t really had any. Staff and Instructors are awesome at making it feel easy.

The staff and Group Fitness Contractors at the Westland Recreation Centre are so proud of what Brad and Madeline have achieved on their journey and get a huge amount of satisfaction seeing people succeed on their healthy lifestyle journeys. Its why we do what we do!

If you want to be like Brad and Madeline and have a similar success story in 12 months’ time, please come in and talk to us in the gym. If you wish to make some enquiries on our gym and Group Fitness classes please contact, Fitness & Recreation Supervisor at the WRC.

Check out their before and after photos below. Well done guys!!


Seniors' gym special - just $5!

Check out this special deal for our senior citizens (65 years plus). Monday to Friday between 10am and 2pm, seniors can use the gym for just $5.

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