Aquacise Classes

Anybody can take on an aquacise fitness class - they're a fun way to workout.

Aquacise is fantastic for cardio fitness, coordination, muscle toning and it is low impact on the body! Learn how to use the water for resistance and assistance without putting stress on weight bearing joints. All classes are 45 minute duration and cater for the beginner through to the advanced.

Aquafitness is a great way for athletes to manage their bodies through demanding training schedules. So if you are just starting out on your "get fit" programme, come in and meet our friendly instructor's and challenge yourself and have some fun.


Aqua-Attack with TashA high intensity cardio workout designed to build fitness, strength and stamina by combining defensive techniques with the resistance of the water.

Aqua-Tone with Jo: A low impact, medium-high intensity class ideal for all fitness and experience levels. This class helps to tone muscles, burn fat and build fitness using the resistance of water, in a fun and friendly environment.


MONDAY5.30pm: Aqua-Tone (deep water)
TUESDAY​6.05am: Aqua-Tone (chest deep water)
WEDNESDAY9.30am: Aqua-Attack
​THURSDAY5.30pm: Aqua-Attack
FRIDAY9.30am: Aqua-Tone  (deep water)

All classes are for 45 minutes unless stated otherwise.

Timetable current as at 5 October​ 2020​.

Page reviewed: 05 Oct 2020 8:51am