Meeting Dates

​​​Ordinary meetings of Council are usually held the second Monday of each month (except January).

Tenders subcommittee meetings are usually held on the second and fourth Thursday of every month, dependent on there being tenders to discuss.

However, please note that meeting dates may vary from the regular schedules, therefore we suggest you check with Council before attending.

Extraordinary meetings (*), for example to approve the Annual Plan, will be included below as they are set.​

Meetings for 2019

Note: Meetings have been set up until the elections in October 2019.

​Thursday 17 January​4pm​Tenders subcommittee meeting
​Thursday 31 January​4pm​Tenders subcommittee meeting
​Monday 11 February​6pm​Ordinary meeting of Council
Thursday 14 February​4pm​Tenders subcommittee meeting
Wednesday 27 February ​5pm​* Extraordinary Council meeting
​Thursday 28 February ​4pm​Tenders subcommittee meeting
​Monday 11 March​6pm​Ordinary meeting of Council
​Thursday 14 March​4pm​Tenders subcommittee meeting
​Thursday 28 March​4pm​Tenders subcommittee meeting
​​Thursday 28 March ​5.30pm* ​Extraordinary meeting to adopt Draft Annual Plan 2019/2020
​Monday 8 April​6pm​Ordinary meeting of Council
Wednesday 17 April (new date)​4pm​Tenders subcommittee meeting
​Wednesday 17 April​5.30pm​​* Extraordinary meeting to consider submissions on Draft CBD Redevelopment Plan and working party feedback on viewing platform​
​Thursday 2 May​4pm​Tenders subcommittee meeting
​Monday 13 May​6pm​Ordinary meeting of Council
​Thursday 16 May​4pm​Tenders subcommittee meeting
​Thursday 30 May
​4pm​Tenders subcommittee meeting
​Thursday 6 June​3pm* ​Extraordinary meeting to hear and consider submissions on the 2019/2020 Draft Annual Plan
​Monday 10 June​6pm​​Ordinary meeting of Council
​Thursday 13 June​4pm​Tenders subcommittee meeting
​Monday 24 June​5.30pm​​* Extraordinary meeting to approve final 2019/2020 Annual Plan
​Thursday 27 June​4pm​Tenders subcommittee meeting
​Monday 8 July​6pm​​Ordinary meeting of Council
​Thursday 11 July​4pm​Tenders subcommittee meeting
​Thursday 25 July​4pm​Tenders subcommittee meeting
​Wednesday 31 July ​4pm​​* Extraordinary tenders subcommittee meeting
​​Thursday 8 August​4pm​Tenders subcommittee meeting
​Monday 12 August​6pm​​Ordinary meeting of Council
​Thursday 22 August​4pm​Tenders subcommittee meeting
​Thursday 5 September​4pm​Tenders subcommittee meeting
​Monday 9 September​6pm​​Ordinary meeting of Council
​Thursday 19 September​4pm​Tenders subcommittee meeting
​Thursday 3 October​4pm​Tenders subcommittee meeting
Tuesday 15 October1pm​CE Recruitment Subcommittee meeting
Thursday 31 October
3.30pm​Induction Ceremony
​​Thursday 31 October​6pm​Ordinary meeting of Council


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