Access to Walkways/Cycle Track Bylaw Review

Issued 4 July 2018
Submissions have CLOSED

What is being proposed?

Grey District Council has in place the Access to Walkways/Cycle Track Bylaw. This Bylaw was first adopted by Council in June 2011.

The purpose of the Bylaw is to establish appropriate rules for the safe and enjoyable use of Council’s combined walking and cycling tracks by walkers, cyclists and people with disabilities. For this reason, motorised vehicles (apart from those used for access by people with disabilities and Council activities) are prohibited and dogs are required to be on a leash whenever they are on the walking/cycling track.

The Access to Walkways/Cycle Track Bylaw has been reviewed and no material changes are proposed.

Why is this being proposed?

Under the Local Government Act 2002 Council has to review its Bylaws regularly. The Access to Walkways/Cycle Track Bylaw is now due for a review and as outlined in our Significance and Engagement Policy, Council is intending to use the Special Consultative Procedure for public consultation.

It is noted that Council does not think the continuation of the Bylaw in its current form will have any significant impact on the community; rather it will continue to allow all users to enjoy Council’s walking and cycling tracks.

What are the options?

There is only one practicable option, namely that Council consults on the reviewed Access to Walkways/Cycle Track Bylaw with minor clarifications proposed and considers any submissions received via the public consultation process prior to the final Bylaw being adopted.

  • ​Adopting the bylaw will enable Council and NZ Police to enforce the bylaw.
  • Assist in ensuring the safe and enjoyable use of the walking and cycling track by users.
  • Enable others, including users, to encourage the safe use of the combined walking and cycling tracks.
  • Assist in ensuring no damage occurs to the walking and cycling track through inappropriate use.
  • ​ Cost of administering the bylaw.
  • The walking and cycling track will not be available for certain classes of motor vehicles, horses and other similar animals.

Council has in place regulatory functions which allow the bylaw to be enforced. The NZ Police can also enforce this bylaw.

How to have your say

Residents are strongly encouraged to have a say. We want to hear from as many people as possible before a decision is made, so please have your say today.

All submissions must be in writing. We will accept submissions in the following format:

  • Council submission form – online or paper
  • Email to
  • Written submissions posted to Grey District Council, PO Box 382, Greymouth or hand delivered to 105 Tainui Street, Greymouth

You are welcome to address Council in person on your submission – if you wish to do this, please clearly indicate this in your submission. Council will hear and consider submissions at a meeting after the close-off date.

Every submission made to the Council will be acknowledged in accordance with the Local Government Act 2002, copied and made available to the public.

Submissions close at 5pm on Monday 6 August 2018.


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