Consultation Outcomes


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Below you will find Council decisions on matters which were recently out for public consultation. Our thanks to everyone who took the time to make a submission.

Last updated 25 February 2021.

Responsible Freedom Camping Bylaw

Council recently reviewed the Responsible Freedom Camping bylaw, and as part of that undertook extensive engagement and consultation with stakeholders and the community.

It became apparent that freedom camping is still causing issues in certain areas of the Grey District. Throughout the formal consultation period, Council received 48 submissions from different organisations and individuals. On the 26 November 2020 Council adopted the new Responsible Freedom Camping bylaw, which means there are now a restricted number of sites available for responsible freedom camping at the designated sites. The sites have designated areas available for daytime/sightseeing parking only. Council feels that this will allow better access for locals and sightseers to enjoy the location.

Responsible Freedom Camping in the Grey District means that all vehicles that are camping on Council controlled land, must be certified self-contained.

You can view the adopted bylaw here.​

Cemeteries ByLaw

​Council recently consulted on a Cemeteries Bylaw​. The draft Cemeteries Bylaw (intended to replace the previous model general Bylaw, The Cemetery Monument Standards and the Pre-Purchase of Cemetery Plots) was developed to provide conditions and enforceability for Council in its administration and oversight of the ​district’s Cemeteries.

Three submissions were received and these were heard and considered by Council in March. The final bylaw was approved with minor amendments. You can read the submissions in the March agenda and Councils final decision here

The Cemeteries Bylaw went back to Council in July 2020 and an amendment was made to the base sizes only.

​Council adopted the new Cemeteries Bylaw on 13 July 2020. You can read the agenda and minutes from the Council meeting held on 13 July 2020 by clicking here.​

You can view the adopte​d Bylaw here.​​​

Water Supply Bylaw

Council had in place the Water Supply (NZS 9201: Part 7:2007) Model General Bylaw. This was reviewed and consulted on in 2019 and received one submission from Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ). 

It was proposed in May 2020 to amend and update the bylaw to include the legislation and standards updates as requested from the submission, as well as make the following changes: ​

  • The figure 1 and 2 diagrams for 10.2 Point of Supply included in the Model General Bylaw have been updated to include only those that are currently in practice and utilised in the Grey District.
  • All standards and legislation in the Model General Bylaw have been updated within the bylaw.
  • Where the Model General Bylaw allowed for either/or scenarios, only practices that are being utilised in the Grey District are now contained within the bylaw.
  • The Breaches and Infringement Notices (clause 11) has been updated to include penalties for breach of Bylaws as Council moves to make localised adjustments to the Water Supply (NZS 9201:Part 7:2007) Model General Bylaw.
  • The plumbing system compatibility features table has been updated to what is currently utilised in the Grey District.

​Council adopted the new Waster Supply Bylaw on 13 July 2020. You can read the agenda and minutes from the Council meeting held on 13 July 2020 by clicking here.​

You can view the adopted Bylaw here.​​​

​Wastewater Drainage Bylaw

Council had in place the NZS 9201: Part 22:1999: Wastewater Drainage Model General Bylaw.  This was reviewed and consulted on in 2019 and received no submissions. 

It was proposed in May 2020​ to amend and update the bylaw to include updated legislation, standards and operational updates, below you will find an extract from the Council agenda.

The Grey District Council Wastewater Drainage Bylaw is proposing to change this to:

The ‘point of discharge’ in all cases will be the connection to the public drain. See the proposed layout in the draft bylaw, i.e. the private drain will extend from the dwelling out to the public drain (main). This is both on private property and on public land. Figures in 2.1 in Grey District Council Wastewater Drainage Bylaw show the proposed.

This is a significant change as:

  • The property owner will be responsible for the maintenance (clearing of blockages), from their dwelling to the public drain, which in most cases will be in the road reserve).
  • Council will continue to own, repair and replace the sewer lateral in the public road reserve, but under point 1 above, the property owner will clear blockages.

The change is considered important because:

  • At present if a blockage is dislodged by a person cleaning the private drain on private property and then becomes relodged in the drain on within the road reserve (before the public drain), both the property owner’s drainlayer and Council’s contractor are called to site to resolve the issue, even though the blockage resulted from the private property. This has led to many discussions between Council and the drainlayer around the allocation of costs for un-blocking the drain, in many cases leading to increased, un-budgeted costs for Council.
  • The proposed change via the Grey District Council Wastewater Drainage Bylaw would remove the need for these discussions unless there is clear evidence that the blockage is a result of a damaged or failed drain in the road reserve. In this case, the Council would repair the drain in the road reserve and most likely cover the drainlayers time for the initial attempt to unblock the failed drain.​

​All plumbers and affected parties were contacted by Council prior to the Bylaw going to Council and submissions were called for.

Council adopted the new ​Wasterwater Drainage Bylaw on 13 July 2020. You can read the agenda and minutes from the Council meeting held on 13 July 2020 by clicking here.​

You can view the adopted Bylaw here.​​​

Speed Limits Bylaw​

Council had in place a Speed Limits Bylaw to contribute to a safe and efficient road network by imposing reasonable, appropriate, and enforceable speed limits.

Council reviewed the bylaw and is making the following amendments:

​​​New Schedule
New items included to include a reduced speed restriction for:

The Nelson Creek township.
The Moana Township​
​Amend Schedule 3:
​Original areas established to ensure no conflict with the October Motorcycle Street Races.

However, this resulted in some complaints that the current 30 km/h was too large.

Original initiative was to support Council’s CBD renewal initiative of making the township safer for pedestrian and cyclists.

Solution has been identified to reduce the area to achieve this and to be more consistent with the reduced the CBD zone in the CBD Redevelopment Plan.
Amend Schedule 5
​Delete Item – Stillwater / Arnold Valley Road from Schedule

Reason: Correction. This area is included in Schedule 7 (70 km/hr) zone.

Map 4:
Reason: Amended to include Stratford Mill subdivision.

Map 5
Greymouth/Karoro/South Beach/Cobden/Boddytown/Blaketown
Reason: Amended to reflect reduced size of 30 km/h zone (and increased size of 50 km/hr zone).

Map 6
Kaiata: Map now includes Kaiata Development Park area

Map 8
Paroa: Amended to include Stratford Mill subdivision.

Map 10
Moana: Extent of 50 km/hr zone extended further out as a result of increased development in the area.

Map 11
Greymouth CBD speed zones reduced - see reasons above.

Map 13
Nelson Creek NEW
Requested 50 km/hr holiday speed zone – community requested

Map 14
Barrytown NEW
Reason: Community has requested zone.
Amend Schedule 7
​Map 12
Nelson Creek – Community has requested.​

To read the Council agenda report and minutes of the decision please click here.​

You can view the adopted Bylaw here.​

Signage Bylaw​ Review

The Council had in place two bylaws that related to signage in the Grey District:

  • Model General Bylaw- Control of Advertising Signs (NZS 9201:Part 8:1999)
  • Street Signage Bylaw​

Council proposed to am​end and update both bylaws and combine these into one Signage Bylaw for the Grey District. As part of the review of the Model General B​ylaws recently undertaken, it was considered the current Model General Bylaw - Control of Advertising Signs (NZS 9201:Part 8:1999) was no longer fit for purpose and required a number of amendments to bring it in line with the Grey District Plan.  

Council, in 2018, also adopted the Street Signage Bylaw, meaning the Grey District has two bylaws relating to signage.  This could cause confusion for end users who are required to determine whether the signage they require meets Council guidelines. 

Combining the separate signage bylaws is proposed in order to have one thorough bylaw covering all aspects of signage in the Grey District.  This will mean that all signage size, condition, placement and number of allowed signs will be regulated under one bylaw.

On 13 July 2020 Council adopted the Grey District Council Signage Bylaw and revoked the Model General Bylaw - Control of Advertising Signs (NZS9201:Part8:1999) and the Grey District Council Street Signage Bylaw.

​​​You can view the adopted Bylaw here.​​

Retirement Housing Policy Review

Council reviewed its current Rental Housing Policy earlier this year to ensure it is achieving its purpose, i.e. meeting the needs of disadvantaged older persons. 

A public consultation was carried out on the following issues: ​

  • The change in the age of eligibility.
  • The decrease in asset limit.​

Two submissions were received, a summary of the main points raised are listed below.

  • Use of older persons rather than elderly person.
  • Lack of reference to social housing and request to include accommodation for older persons, the disabled and the homeless, including emergency housing.
  • Asset limit – does $100,000 apply to a couple as well as a single person?
  • Change to tenant’s “disadvantaged” status, i.e. what if they are no longer disadvantaged.

The final policy was approved. You can read the submissions in the July agenda and Council's final decision will be available to read once the minutes of the meeting have been uploaded by clicking here. The final policy is available to view below.

Model General Bylaw Review

Last year Council consulted on their Model General Bylaws and at the March meeting Council adopted the following Bylaws adapted for Grey District Council purposes:

  • Grey District Council Fires in the Open Air
  • Grey District Council Hostels 
  • Grey District Council Introduction
  • Grey District Council Public Places 
  • Grey District Council ​The Keeping of Animals, Poultry and Bees

You can view the adopted Bylaws here.​​

Significance and Engagement Po​​​​​licy review

Council has a Significance and Engagement Policy which sets out the Council’s approach to how it will determine the significance and engagement of proposals and decisions it takes.

A review was undertaken to strengthen, clarify and, to some extent, uncomplicate its current policy and sees that the draft reviewed policy succeeds in doing this. Council also wanted to have clear policy and guidance on the Principles of Consultation under section 82 of the Local Government Act 2002.

Public consultation was carried out during May/June 2019. One submission was received in support of the proposed changes. Council amended the draft version slightly by adding in Aerodrome and Community Facilities under Strategic Assets and the final policy was adopted on 12 August 2019. You can read the policy below.

Significance & Engagement Policy​ (PDF, 300KB)​

Formal transfer of navig​ationa​​​l powers

The navigation safety function in relation of the Port of Greymouth is defined in Part 3A of the Maritime Transport Act 1994 and in terms of that Act, the responsibility for these functions rests with the West Coast Regional Council. 

The functions and powers involved include (among others):

  • ​The power to appoint a Harbourmaster
  • The power to appoint Enforcement Officers
  • The power to erect and maintain navigational aids in accordance with maritime rules
  • The power to make bylaws

The Port of Greymouth is under ownership and management of the Grey District Council and this ‘responsibility split’ with the Regional Council makes the safe management of the Port very difficult. 

Historically there appears to have been a transfer of the navigation safety functions to the Greymouth Harbour Board, however details of this are not to hand as it is likely this would have been done before 1982. ​It is noted this arrangement is not new and has been in place for many decades but a formal transfer document to substantiate it cannot be found. This process is to formalise the arrangement.

This issue was publically consulted on May/June 2019. We are now waiting for Ministerial approval and then this matter will go back to Council for a decision.​

Draft​​ CBD R​ed​​ev​elopment Plan

​​​Council held an extraordinary meeting on Wednesday 17 April 2019 to hear public submissions on the draft CBD Redevelopment Plan and to provide direction on the next steps for the project. 

Council received 43 submissions on the Draft Plan. Overall the Draft CBD Redevelopment Plan was strongly supported, with over 76% of submissions in support. 

However, Māwhera Incorporation submitted against the draft CBD Redevelopment Plan and asked Council to defer decision making on the plan for 60 days to allow further in-depth engagement. Council decided to defer final decision making and adoption of the plan to allow further engagement with Māwhera Incorporation as they are a key stakeholder and partner in the future redevelopment of the Greymouth CBD. 

The next steps for the project are as follows:

  1. Council to directly engage with Māwhera Incorporation on potential changes to the plan.
  2. Further engagement with the CBD Redevelopment Forum.

A revised CBD Redevelopment Plan will then be brought back to Council for further consideration and for Co​uncil to determine, depending on the level of change, whether another round of public consultation and submissions is required. ​​Another update on the project will be provided in June. ​

Strateg​​ic Routes

In February/March 2019 Council consulted on proposed strategic routes in the Grey District. Strategic routes are thoroughfares with sufficient vehicular and pedestrian traffic, where there are parts of Unreinforced Masonry buildings that could fall in an earthquake. In it's consultation, Council identified all the streets in the Greymouth CBD as being potentially Strategic Routes.

One submission was received. Council considered the matter at its meeting on 8 April 2019 and confirmed the earthquake prone buildings strategic routes/thoroughfares as consulted on.

West Coast Regional Waste Minimisation and Mana​gement Plan

A joint draft West Coast Regional Waste Minimisation and Management Plan was developed for the three West Coast councils and went out for public submissions in July/August 2018. Four submissions were received in the Grey District. On 12 November 2018 Council adopted the plan as consulted on without change. It noted it would take on board suggestions made by submitters and would consider changes to the Waste Minimisation and Management Plan and the Action Plan with respect to any new services as part of its draft 2021-2031 Long Term Plan.​

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