Consultation Outcomes

​​​​​​Below you will find Council decisions on matters which were recently out for public consultation. Our thanks to everyone who took the time to make a submission.

Kaiata Water Supply

Council carried out direct consultation with ratepayers in the Kaiata township and Kaiata Park development regarding connecting to the Greymouth Water Supply. Results from the consultation and Council's report on the matter can be found in the agenda for the ordinary meeting of Council on Monday 11 February 2019 - click hereThe Council decision on this matter was as follows:

b.        16/12/034 – Water supply – Kaiata – Outcome of Public Consultation

Refer pages 29-36 of Agenda.

Mr Michael Culling, Mr John Williams and Mr Geoff Ball addressed Council.

The Chief Executive Officer confirmed that no building consent fees were payable for connections to the Council water supply and apologised for the confusion that the earlier advice that a fee of $481 would apply.

​                                               Proposed Cr Sandrey / Seconded Cr Haddock


  1. Council thanks all submitters.
  2. Council notes that Option 1 as outlined in the report will make it possible to take over ownership of the Kaiata Park scheme, something which could not happen up to now because of water quality issues.
  3. Council approves the connection of Kaiata and Kaiata Park to the wider Greymouth Water supply and to ask staff to:
    1. Confirm the taking up of the subsidy.
    2. As a matter of urgency commence the process of connecting to the supply.
  4. Council records the following reasons for taking this decision without a clear mandate from Kaiata:
    1. Whilst Council accepts that current on-site water collection and storage arrangements in Kaiata are legal, it has to bear in mind that the focus on water quality in the wake of the Havelock incident and the loss of the available subsidy may make it impossible for that community to comply with future quality expectations.
    2. On that basis, connecting to the reticulated (treated) water supply is as affordable now as it will ever be."

Motion Carried​

Street Signage Byla​w

Council proposed to rescind the Sandwich Boards Bylaw and replace it with a new bylaw - the Street Signage Bylaw. This bylaw covers more types of street signage and removes the need for an annual licence. Public consultation was carried out during December/January and two submissions were received in favour of the new proposed bylaw. At their meeting on 11 February 2019, Council adopted the new Street Signage Bylaw to replace the former Sandwich Boards Bylaw. You can read the bylaw below.

Street Signage Bylaw (PDF, 184KB) 

Dangerous, Affected & Insanitary Building​​s Policy

Council adopted an Earthquake-Prone, Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings Policy on 14 February 2011 and amended it on 13 May 2013. In 2017, there was a change in legislation and subpart 6A and section 133AA were added to the Building Act, which include special provisions for earthquake-prone buildings. As a result, the Grey District Council have amended their policy to take this change into account. Public consultation was carried out during November/December 2018 on the draft updated policy and this was adopted by Council without change on 11 February 2019.

Dangerous, Affected & Insanitary Buildings Policy​ (PDF, 248KB)

Commercial Sex​​ Premises Bylaw

Grey District Council has in place a Commercial Sex Premises Bylaw, the purpose of which is to:

a) Manage the potential impact of brothels and commercial sex premises on sensitive activities; and 

b) Regulate the signage advertising brothels and commercial sex premises.

Council reviewed the bylaw as per statutory requirements/deadlines and only minor changes were recommended (admin changes to ensure consistency with other current Council bylaws).​

Public consultation was carried out over November/December 2018 and on 11 February 2019 Council agreed to adopt the bylaw as consulted on. You can read the bylaw below.

Commercial Sex Premises Bylaw (PDF, 454KB)

Trade Waste Bylaw

No submissions were received and the proposed Trade Waste Bylaw was adopted on 10 September 2018.

 Trade Waste Bylaw (PDF, 185KB)

Access to Walkways/Cycle Track Bylaw

After hearing and considering submissions made on the proposed bylaw, it was adopted on 10 September 2018 with the following amendments:

  • Clarification regarding prohibition of specific motorised vehicles;
  • Requirement for dogs on the walkways/cycle track to be on a short leash at all times; and
  • Dog owners/handlers are responsible for removal and appropriate disposal of dog waste.

 Access to Walkways/Cycle Track Bylaw (PDF, 87KB)

TAB Board Venue Policy & Class 4 Gaming Venues Policy

The TAB Board Venue Policy was adopted without amendment on 13 August 2018.

 TAB Board Venue Policy (PDF, 59KB)

The Class 4 Gaming Venues Policy was adopted with the following amendments:

  • The existing policy be amended to allow relocation of venues; and
  • Removes any reference which presently allows gaming machines within stand-along TAB Board Venues.

 Class 4 Gaming Venues Policy (PDF, 59KB)

Greymouth Parking Strategy

A review of the current Parking Strategy was undertaken in June 2018 as feedback received since it was first adopted in 2017 indicated there was a need for a further review of the Strategy and Council wanted to ensure the strategy provides for as many needs and aspirations as possible. 

As it's meeting on 13 August 2018, it was confirmed that:

  1. "Council thanks the submitters for the submissions made. 
  2. Council confirms and approves the reviewed Greymouth Parking Strategy as consulted on with the following amendment: 

    • Substituting the existing unused bus stop in Tainui Street (outside Into Jeans shop) for a minor increase in available car parking and continued enforcement of parking non-compliance. 
    • Making the mobility park in Tarapuhi Street the same duration as other parks in the street.”

 Greymouth Parking Strategy​ (PDF, 5MB)

Speed Limits Bylaw

As approved in the recently amended Speed Limits Bylaw (you can read the bylaw here), the Greymouth town centre is now a 30 km/hr zone.

Signs have been installed and drivers are required to now drive to the lower speed limit. A map of the 30 km/hr area is available to view below.

 Map of 30 km per hour speed limit zone (PDF, 514KB)

Thank you to motorists for observing the new lower speed limit.

Review of Elections of Council

Council recently reviewed the representation arrangements for Grey District residents for the 2019 and 2022 elections and put a proposal out for public consultation. Submissions closed on 14 May and Council made a decision at their meeting on 11 June 2018. You can find out more here.

Review of Moana Glass Bylaw

Grey District Council has in place the Moana Glass Bylaw 2004. This Bylaw was first adopted by Council in November 2004 and reconfirmed in June 2008. The purpose of the Bylaw is to protect public safety and the enjoyment of public spaces in Moana over the New Year’s Eve period and focusses on reducing the impacts of broken glass in high use areas (often occurring during festivities etc).

The Bylaw requires that no person shall bring or possess glass drinking vessels or containers (ie bottles) in controlled places during the specified period. The specified period is from noon on 31 December to noon on 1 January. Council may specify additional periods by resolution and they will be publicly notified in accordance with the requirements of the Bylaw.

The bylaw was reviewed in line with statutory requirements and no changes were proposed (except for a minor legislation change). The reviewed bylaw was put out for public consultation in April/May 2018 - no submissions were received. On 11 June 2018 Council confirmed the reviewed Moana Glass Bylaw. You can read the bylaw below.

 Moana Glass Bylaw (PDF, 105KB)

Proposed Busking in Public Places Policy

Busking is a recognised and mostly very popular form of public entertainment that also introduces atmosphere and character to open spaces. However, busking can be subject to misuse and can pose a problem for some, therefore Council developed a draft policy to regulate the practice and put this out for public feedback in March/April 2018.

The policy is based on buskers registering with Council and complying with rules that address getting approval of the affected shop owners, noise and other emissions, not impeding the flow of traffic or pedestrians and prohibition of objectionable material. No licence or licence fee is involved.

Nineteen submissions were received and Council heard and considered submissions at their meeting on 14 May 2018. The policy was adopted with the following amendment:

  • Council changes clause 5.2h to read “Council seeks to have a collaborative relationship with those wishing to engage in spaces under its administration, however if this is not respected by those wishing to busk, with due consideration for the clauses listed here, the right to busk may be terminated with immediate effect”. This replaces the proposed clause 5.2h which read “The right to busk is at the pleasure of Council and can be withdrawn with due cause at any time with immediate effect.”

The policy was adopted at the meeting and came into effect immediately and you can read it here. It is intended to incorporate the main aspects of the policy into a brochure for the public.

Proposed reviewed Amenity Protection Bylaw

Grey District Council has a strong focus on improving the aesthetics of the District as a whole and has in place an Amenity Protection Bylaw to help create a pleasant and well maintained environment for our community. However, concerns raised recently regarding untidiness around the District led to Council reviewing the current Amenity Protection Bylaw. The proposed changes went out for public consultation in March/April 2018.

Council is adamant that the combination of old, run-down buildings and a lack of commitment in some instances result in a District that, in places, appears unkempt and decrepit. The Bylaw focuses on residential (sections etc but not dwelling houses), commercial and industrial properties in the District and requires that a property should not detract from the amenity of the environment. Specific examples are identified in the reviewed Bylaw.

Five submissions were received and Council heard and considered them at their meeting on 14 May 2018. Council then adopted the proposed Bylaw as notified with further amendment. You can read the bylaw here.

Sustainable harvesting on Council land

Last year Council received a request for a licence to undertake sustainable logging of native trees on one of our forest blocks. Before considering the request or any associated issues, Council asked for public feedback on the principle of whether it should allow sustainable harvesting of native forests on land it owns.

We received a whopping 14,000 plus submissions from around NZ and abroad. Council heard submitters at their meeting on 12 June 2017 and considered the matter on Monday 14 August 2017. At the time Councillors voted unanimously to defer a decision for six months pending a Department of Conservation (DOC) ecological report and to pursue the sale or land exchange of its forests to DOC.

Grey District Mayor Tony Kokshoorn said many of the submissions made were misinformed, with people wrongly believing the Council was going to clear-fell native forests.

"Sewell Peak and Ivy Bay were never up for discussion because the application was made from Forever Beech on Mt Buckley," Kokshoorn said.

In May 2018 Council revisited this issue. The outcome is Council believes that the necessary approvals to undertake the sustainable logging on Mt Buckley are unlikely to be given and has advised the applicant as such. The formal Council decision follows:


The following decision was confirmed in open: -

(16/12/037)  F/9: Council’s Forests: Department of Conservation interest in it following a request to sustainably harvest Mount Buckley
Refer pages 8-49 of In Committee Agenda.

                                                Proposed Cr Coll
                                                Seconded His Worship

“that Council advises ForeverBeech of the legal impediments in relation to Mount Buckley, including that it is a Potential SNA and confirms its belief that approval to sustainably log the forest will not be given.”
                                                                                                                                                                Motion Carried"

Tainui Shared Street - Proposed Road Stopping

At their ordinary meeting on Monday 14 May 2018, Council considered the outcome of the formal proposal to close part Tainui Street (between Mackay Street and Mawhera Quay) permanently to traffic.

This road stopping process was started following a majority of public support in favour of closing the road. Six objections to the formal road stopping notification were received. Council considered these objections at their meeting on Monday night, as well as other factors which needed to be taken into consideration. These include:
•Closing the road may cause legal access problems to existing buildings as these properties may become 'land locked'.
•A change in the status of the road may result in a change in the land owner, ie if it is no longer a road used by Council, then it may revert back to the original owner by law.
•If Council were to not allow the objections, then the final decision on the matter would need to be made by the Environment Court, potentially costing thousands of dollars.

Please read the full report in the May agenda (ordinary Council meeting - 14 May 2018), which covers the background, factors for consideration and options in detail.

Council decided at their meeting that it will not proceed with the stopping of part Tainui Street and therefore it will remain open to vehicles and pedestrians. The street will continue to be closed for events and Council’s intention is to be able to have as many events as possible in the space.

To ensure the space remains safe for everyone, parking will continue to be prohibited in the space (allowing greater visibility for pedestrians and users) and the speed limit for vehicles driving through will be 10km/hr (note: this forms part of our reviewed Speed Limits Bylaw which is shortly being consulted on separately). There are also upcoming changes to the way traffic flows through the town – the recommendations around this are included in our May agenda and confirmed details will be available shortly.

We appreciate this is a subject which some people have strong opinions on. Our focus is on creating a vibrant space for our community and visitors (by closing it for events), keeping people safe (no parking and low speed limit) as well as allowing people to continue to use the road (its legal purpose). There is a drop-off zone available in Tainui Shared Street for those who need to use it.

Smoke Free Public Places Policy

Ongoing pressure from health/anti-smoking agencies caused Grey District Council to reconsider its current stance on whether we should have a Smoke Free Policy. Council did not already have such a policy as enforcing it will be very difficult.

Council developed a draft Grey District Smoke Free Public Places Policy which addressed the need for a policy but avoided the need for enforcement. This proposed policy was based on a Council initiative to promote voluntary compliance with the policy by enforcing the following:

  • Smoking is harmful – to the smoker and to others.
  • It is not good social practice to smoke were others, especially young people, are in attendance.

This approach aligns with other local authorities do.

The draft policy went out for public consultation during December 2017/January 2018 and 29 submissions were received. Council heard and considered the submissions at their meeting on 12 February 2018 and decided to adopt the draft policy as it was. You can read the adopted policy here.

Copies of submissions are available in the agenda for the Council meeting on 12 February 2018.


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