Consultation Outcomes


​​​​​​Below you will find Council decisions on matters which were recently out for public consultation. Our thanks to everyone who took the time to make a submission.

Last updated 18 April 2019

Draft​​ CBD R​ed​​ev​elopment Plan

​​​Council held an extraordinary meeting on Wednesday 17 April 2019 to hear public submissions on the draft CBD Redevelopment Plan and to provide direction on the next steps for the project. 

Council received 43 submissions on the Draft Plan. Overall the Draft CBD Redevelopment Plan was strongly supported, with over 76% of submissions in support. 

However, Māwhera Incorporation submitted against the draft CBD Redevelopment Plan and asked Council to defer decision making on the plan for 60 days to allow further in-depth engagement. Council decided to defer final decision making and adoption of the plan to allow further engagement with Māwhera Incorporation as they are a key stakeholder and partner in the future redevelopment of the Greymouth CBD. 

The next steps for the project are as follows:

  1. Council to directly engage with Māwhera Incorporation on potential changes to the plan.
  2. Further engagement with the CBD Redevelopment Forum.

A revised CBD Redevelopment Plan will then be brought back to Council for further consideration and for Council to determine, depending on the level of change, whether another round of public consultation and submissions is required. ​​Another update on the project will be provided in June. ​

Strateg​​ic Routes

In February/March 2019 Council consulted on proposed strategic routes in the Grey District. Strategic routes are thoroughfares with sufficient vehicular and pedestrian traffic, where there are parts of Unreinforced Masonry buildings that could fall in an earthquake. In it's consultation, Council identified all the streets in the Greymouth CBD as being potentially Strategic Routes.

One submission was received. Council considered the matter at its meeting on 8 April 2019 and confirmed the earthquake prone buildings strategic routes/thoroughfares as consulted on.

West Coast Regional Waste Minimisation and Mana​gement Plan

A joint draft West Coast Regional Waste Minimisation and Management Plan was developed for the three West Coast councils and went out for public submissions in July/August 2018. Four submissions were received in the Grey District. On 12 November 2018 Council adopted the plan as consulted on without change. It noted it would take on board suggestions made by submitters and would consider changes to the Waste Minimisation and Management Plan and the Action Plan with respect to any new services as part of its draft 2021-2031 Long Term Plan.

Kaiata Water ​​​Supply

Council carried out direct consultation with ratepayers in the Kaiata township and Kaiata Park development regarding connecting to the Greymouth Water Supply. Results from the consultation and Council's report on the matter can be found in the agenda for the ordinary meeting of Council on Monday 11 February 2019 - click hereThe Council decision on this matter was as follows:

b.        16/12/034 – Water supply – Kaiata – Outcome of Public Consultation

Refer pages 29-36 of Agenda.

Mr Michael Culling, Mr John Williams and Mr Geoff Ball addressed Council.

The Chief Executive Officer confirmed that no building consent fees were payable for connections to the Council water supply and apologised for the confusion that the earlier advice that a fee of $481 would apply.

​                                               Proposed Cr Sandrey / Seconded Cr Haddock


  1. Council thanks all submitters.
  2. Council notes that Option 1 as outlined in the report will make it possible to take over ownership of the Kaiata Park scheme, something which could not happen up to now because of water quality issues.
  3. Council approves the connection of Kaiata and Kaiata Park to the wider Greymouth Water supply and to ask staff to:
    1. Confirm the taking up of the subsidy.
    2. As a matter of urgency commence the process of connecting to the supply.
  4. Council records the following reasons for taking this decision without a clear mandate from Kaiata:
    1. Whilst Council accepts that current on-site water collection and storage arrangements in Kaiata are legal, it has to bear in mind that the focus on water quality in the wake of the Havelock incident and the loss of the available subsidy may make it impossible for that community to comply with future quality expectations.
    2. On that basis, connecting to the reticulated (treated) water supply is as affordable now as it will ever be."

Motion Carried​

Street Signage Byla​​w

Council proposed to rescind the Sandwich Boards Bylaw and replace it with a new bylaw - the Street Signage Bylaw. This bylaw covers more types of street signage and removes the need for an annual licence. Public consultation was carried out during December/January and two submissions were received in favour of the new proposed bylaw. At their meeting on 11 February 2019, Council adopted the new Street Signage Bylaw to replace the former Sandwich Boards Bylaw. You can read the bylaw below.

Street Signage Bylaw (PDF, 184KB) 

Dangerous, ​​Affected & Insanitary Building​​s Policy

Council adopted an Earthquake-Prone, Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings Policy on 14 February 2011 and amended it on 13 May 2013. In 2017, there was a change in legislation and subpart 6A and section 133AA were added to the Building Act, which include special provisions for earthquake-prone buildings. As a result, the Grey District Council have amended their policy to take this change into account. Public consultation was carried out during November/December 2018 on the draft updated policy and this was adopted by Council without change on 11 February 2019.

Dangerous, Affected & Insanitary Buildings Policy​ (PDF, 248KB)

Commercial S​ex​​ Premises Bylaw

Grey District Council has in place a Commercial Sex Premises Bylaw, the purpose of which is to:

a) Manage the potential impact of brothels and commercial sex premises on sensitive activities; and 

b) Regulate the signage advertising brothels and commercial sex premises.

Council reviewed the bylaw as per statutory requirements/deadlines and only minor changes were recommended (admin changes to ensure consistency with other current Council bylaws).​

Public consultation was carried out over November/December 2018 and on 11 February 2019 Council agreed to adopt the bylaw as consulted on. You can read the bylaw below.

Commercial Sex Premises Bylaw (PDF, 454KB)

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