Retirement Housing Policy Review

​​​​​​​​​​​Issued: February 2020.​
Submissions close: Tuesday 2nd of June at 5pm.​

Council currently has a Rental Housing Policy which was last reviewed on 9 May 2016 and is subject to periodic review. Council has 118 housing units which are provided to meet the current needs of disadvantaged elderly persons and are rented out at below private market rates.

​A review has been undertaken on our current policy to ensure it is achieving its purpose, i.e. meeting the current needs of disadvantaged elderly persons. Council is also faced with increased costs of maintaining the units due to their age, a deferred maintenance programme in the past and compliance with new legislation, e.g. Healthy Homes. Council also incurs costs due to some tenants not showing due respect to the units, causing damage (significant in some instances) and has difficulty recouping the cost.

It is important to note that whilst Council is providing a form of social housing, our housing portfolio is specifically aimed to meet the needs of retirees. People who have housing needs outside of this are best ​served by the organisations with the skills and resources to do so, i.e. Housing New Zealand or other social housing providers.

The amended policy will be renamed the Retirement Housing PolicySome changes are proposed to eligibility criteria and Council has decided that in the interests of fairness, these changes should apply to people currently on the waiting list as well as to all new applicants. These proposed eligibility criteria changes are as follows:

Age of eligibility First priority – 60 years and older
Second priority – Between 50 and 59 years
First priority – 65 years and older
Second priority – Between 60 and 64 years
Asset limitNo more than $175,000 in assetsNo more than $100,000 in assets
Other changes in the policy include the provision for a bond and confirmation from a doctor that the tenant is capable of safe independent living.

​Letters have been sent to people currently on our waiting list and the proposed reviewed policy is available below. Affected parties are welcome to make a submission on the proposed changes to eligibility criteria. 

Council will be making a decision on the final policy at their meeting in May and the policy will come into affect once approved. Applicants who fall outside of the final approved eligibility criteria will, unfortunately, be removed from our waiting list.

Proposed Retirement Housing Policy (PDF, 230KB)

Submission Form​ (PDF, 192KB)

You can read the full report and Council's decision in the 9 March 2020 agenda and minutes here.​

All submissions must be made to Council in writing no later than 5pm on Tuesday 2 June 2020.

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