2018-2028 Long Term Plan

Welcome to the Grey District Council Draft 2018–2028 Long Term Plan (LTP). The LTP is Council’s vision for our District over the next ten years. It outlines what we’re planning on doing and how we’re planning to pay for it.

Our focus over the next ten years will be on keeping our core services going - ie water supply, roading, footpaths, sewerage, parks, walkways, regulation, pools, gym, stadium, libraries, rubbish collection, recycling, stormwater, museum, animal control and much more. These are the services that people regularly use without thinking too much about them - until they’re not working. We’re also going to concentrate on addressing our key and other issues (see below).

We've created a Consultation Document that outlines the important issues the Council faces during the next ten years, what the options are for addressing those issues and how those options might affect the financial position of both Council and our community.


Renewals backlog for Water Supply, Stormwater and Land Transport​We need to start addressing some serious issues with regards to our infrastructure. We’ve got a backlog of renewal works to be carried out for water supply and stormwater, some of our bridges need renewing or replacing and we need additional funding for road resurfacing. If we don’t start working on this now and planning for these costs, we’re going to have bigger problems in the future, including more maintenance costs and risks of our systems breaking down completely. Deferred renewals are explained on page 4 of the Consultation Document.
Replacement Greymouth water reservoir​The Greymouth water reservoir at Omoto is over 100 years old and situated on land classed as high seismic risk.


Funding shortfall for Port of Greymouth​User fees don’t cover all the operating costs for running the Port so Council committed to a financial strategy in 2015 of increasing rate funding to this activity. Should this strategy continue?
​Funding increase for History House Museum service​The History House Museum building in Gresson Street was closed in February 2017 due to earthquake prone safety concerns. The temporary exhibition at 130 Mackay Street is proving very popular. The LTP does not include any provision for an increase to the existing Museum budget/service. Any additional costs, ie earthquake strengthening works of Gresson
Street or fit-out works for a new location (final permanent location to be determined), would need to come out of the existing operational budget.
​Kerbside refuse/recycling collection​Do our community want the kerbside refuse/recycling collection service to be extended to the rest of the District (except for Te Kinga and Moana), noting those properties will face an increase in rates for the increased service provided?


In the Consultation Document (you can download this below), we've set out the challenges and issues facing our District over the next ten years and beyond and what we propose to do about them. Now it's time for our community to have their say on their wants and needs and what they think Council should provide or not provide. Let us know:

  • What do you think is important?
  • Are we heading in the right direction?
  • Are we addressing all the right issues?
  • Is there something we are not doing or something we are doing but should not keep doing?

Click here to access our submission page.


Main consultation document

Supporting information


13 March 2018Submissions open
​16 April 2018Submissions close
29 May 2018​Council hears and considers submissions
25 June 2018​Council adopts the final LTP
​1 July 2018​The 2018-2028 LTP comes into effect


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