Council Departments

Responsibilities of each department at Grey District Council include:

Assets Management & Engineering

The Assets Management and Engineering Department's role includes the efficient management of the District's capital and infrastructure assets and the provision of all associated services including roads, bridges, footpaths, streetlights, solid waste, stormwater, wastewater and water supplies. This department is also responsible for parks and reserves, management of Council public buildings and property (excluding pensioner housing, libraries and swimming pools), cemeteries, fleet management, energy efficiency and GIS and asset management system services.

Corporate Planning & Community

The Corporate Planning & Community Department's role includes management of and provision of services at Council facilities (i.e. libraries, swimming pools, museum), district promotion, strategic planning processes, economic development initiatives, internal and external communication activities, co-ordination of policies and bylaws and the community engagement processes. This department develops and co-ordinates the Long Term Plan and Annual Plan processes.

Corporate Services

The Corporate Services Department's role includes the provision of efficient internal administrative support to Council in the areas of finance, rating, payroll, information management and technology, records management, secretarial support, Council governance including agendas and minutes, human resources, legal and insurance services, pensioner housing and community grants. It is also responsible for election services, land leases and liaison with central Government and other local bodies.

Environmental Services

The Environmental Services Department's role includes environmental, planning and development control responsibilities which covers resource management, building control, environmental health, liquor licensing, animal control, noise control and parking control. As well as this, this department is responsible for enforcement (i.e. parking, freedom camping, untidy properties etc) and emergency management.‚Äč

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