2018/2019 fee
including GST
New Fictionper book per 2 weeks $2.00
Rental Fictionper book$1.00
Non-Fictionper bookNo charge
All children's materialsper bookNo charge
Large Printper book$1.00
Large print subscriptionper year$12.50
Talking Books/audios *
 * no charge for children's & for people with disabilities
per unit$1.00
DVDs (Adults)per unit per week$2.00
DVDs Junior)per unit per week$0.50
MagazinesPer unit per week$0.50
ADULTS and YOUNG ADULTS CARDSper day (max $10 per item)$0.30
CHILDREN'S CARDSper day (max $3.50 per item)$0.10
Book Reserve Feeper book$1.00
Non Resident Subscriptionper annum (part charges available)$60.00
Replacement Library Cardeach$5.00
Interloan from National Library of New Zealand and Interloan partnership libraries per book $6.70
Interloan with libraries without agreementper book plus any other charges above standard charges$22.00
Damaged Book Chargesper bookat cost
Normal A4per sheet - BW$0.20
Normal A4per sheet - Colour$2.00
Normal A3per sheet - BW$0.40
Normal A3per sheet - Colour$4.00
Aotearoa People's Network printingSingle side$0.20
 Double side$0.30​
Page reviewed: 01 Jul 2018 9:48am