SIPA Framework

The Signage, Interpretation and Public Art (SIPA) Framework is a roadmap – our guide to the planning, design
and implementation of inspired directional wayfinding (signage), compellingly good story telling (interpretation) and thought provoking public art throughout the Grey District.​

This Framework has been developed by Grey District Council in conjunction with stakeholders and embeds collaboration and partnership into a matched funding model. The initial 2015 funding round was $80,000 available; a minimum of $5,000 and a maximum of $10,000 will be allocated per location. Applicants are required to match the Council funding 1:1 with independent funding.

Council committed to on-going funding of $10,000 per year from 2016 to ensure the Framework’s continuing implementation and success.

Groups are required to provide the following with their applications:

  • Proofs of proposed signage and/or interpretation using the Grey District Family of Signs
  • Proof of matched funding
  • Technical advice or peer review of placements and locations and compliance with all relevant regulations
  • Aerial photo with all placements and locations as per technical advice
  • Proof of an independent review of all content/art design by the relevant organisation or expert

Please contact Council on 03 769 8600 or email if you have any questions or wish to submit an application for funding under the SIPA Framework.


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