Kumara-Inchbonnie Road

Please note the following weight restrictions apply from now (26 October 2018) for the William Stewart Bridge:

Bridge Name

Road Name


Gross Weight – kilogrammes (kg) or % Class 1

Maximum Speed – kilometres per hour (kph)

William Stewart

Kumara – Inchbonnie Road


Axles 2000 kg

Gross 20% Class 1

10 kph

Recent detailed investigations show that there is significant rust on some of the mid-span members to the truss beams and Council has implemented these weight and speed restrictions for safety reasons.

We are investigating options to reduce or remove this weight and speed restriction as soon as possible.

On Wednesday Formerly Slip Creek had boxed culverts installed.

A temporary speed limit of 50km/hr has also been put in place on Kumara-Inchbonnie Road from Greenstone Bridge to Inchbonnie.

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause but we want to ensure the safety of all users. Thank you for your cooperation.

Date of notice: 26 October 2018, updated 1 November 2018

Page reviewed: 14 Nov 2018 8:51am