Tainui Shared Street - Proposed Road Stopping

At their ordinary meeting on Monday 14 May 2018, Council considered the outcome of the formal proposal to close part Tainui Street (between Mackay Street and Mawhera Quay) permanently to traffic.

This road stopping process was started following a majority of public support in favour of closing the road. Six objections to the formal road stopping notification were received. Council considered these objections at their meeting on Monday night, as well as other factors which needed to be taken into consideration. These include:

  • Closing the road may cause legal access problems to existing buildings as these properties may become 'land locked'.
  • A change in the status of the road may result in a change in the land owner, ie if it is no longer a road used by Council, then it may revert back to the original owner by law.
  • If Council were to not allow the objections, then the final decision on the matter would need to be made by the Environment Court, potentially costing thousands of dollars.

Please read the full report in the May agenda (ordinary Council meeting - 14 May 2018), which covers the background, factors for consideration and options in detail. www.greydc.govt.nz/…/agendas-an…/current-year/Page...

Council decided at their meeting that it will not proceed with the stopping of part Tainui Street and therefore it will remain open to vehicles and pedestrians. The street will continue to be closed for events and Council’s intention is to be able to have as many events as possible in the space.

To ensure the space remains safe for everyone, parking will continue to be prohibited in the space (allowing greater visibility for pedestrians and users) and the speed limit for vehicles driving through will be 10km/hr (note: this forms part of our reviewed Speed Limits Bylaw which is shortly being consulted on separately). There are also upcoming changes to the way traffic flows through the town – the recommendations around this are included in our May agenda and confirmed details will be available shortly.

We appreciate this is a subject which some people have strong opinions on. Our focus is on creating a vibrant space for our community and visitors (by closing it for events), keeping people safe (no parking and low speed limit) as well as allowing people to continue to use the road (its legal purpose). There is a drop-off zone available in Tainui Shared Street for those who need to use it.

Page reviewed: 15 May 2018 7:29pm