Adoption of Long Term Plan

Grey District Council adopted the Final 2018-2028 Long Term Plan at an extraordinary meeting on Monday 25 June 2018. As part of the development of this Plan, a Draft Plan was put out for public consultation in March/April 2018, highlighting the key issues affecting our District and community. These issues were identified from previous submissions, feedback from the community, topical issues in the local media and Council’s in-house knowledge of the services we provide and condition of our assets. We took a hard look at how we should address these key issues, the level of service we currently provide to our community and what is practicable for Council to do over the next ten years and beyond.

The key and other issues which Council consulted on in the Draft Plan were:

  • Deferred renewals for our Water Supply, Wastewater, Stormwater and Land Transport activities. If we don’t start focussing on the renewal/replacement our assets, ie water and stormwater pipes, road pavements and bridges, we
    run the risk of these assets failing or having to spend more money repairing assets already in poor condition.
  • User fees do not fully fund the Port and Council has had to borrow for the balance of the operating costs – this means the Port debt is growing and growing. In 2015 we started putting rate funding into the Port activity and we believe this should continue.
  • No allowance was provided for an increase in the operating budget provided for the History House Museum or funding for capital costs for the Museum’s final location (yet to be determined) in the Draft Plan.
  • Once again we asked the community if the existing kerbside refuse and recycling collection should be extended to other areas of the District.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to make a submission on our Draft Plan. Eighty two submissions were received from individuals and organisations and Council heard and considered these on 29 May 2018. A summary of the key outcomes and approved projects include:

  • The community agreed with Council’s preferred options for starting to address deferred renewals in our infrastructure and these have been incorporated into this Plan.
  • Council has allowed for increased capital funding of $140,000 for the History House Museum. The final location will be considered by Council in September 2018.
  • Rate funding into the Port activity will continue.
  • An extension to the existing kerbside recycling collection service will not be happening at this stage.
  • Council has budgeted $191,000 for stormwater upgrades in Tasman Street.
  • Improvements to the events area established at the Greymouth Aerodrome have been funded at an amount of $100,000.
  • $30,000 has been allocated for working with the Greymouth Business & Promotions Association on projects to be agreed upon by Council.
  • The proposed Croesus Road upgrade to provide vehicle access to the Blackball end of the Pike 29/Paparoa Great Walk has been included provided Council can receive the necessary external funding for this project.

Further information is available from page 12 of the Final 2018-2028 Long Term Plan. The full outcome from the submission hearing can be found in the minutes from the 29 May 2018 Council meeting and these are available on our website. Click here to view the Council minutes.

In the Draft Plan, Council forecast a 3.51% rates rise for year one of the Plan (2018/2019). Taking into account the decisions made after hearing submissions, the final rates rise is 3.55%. This rates rise takes into account the increase in
inflation, allows Council to begin addressing very important infrastructural issues affecting our District and keeps us on a steady path to decreasing debt and being prepared for the future.

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to read the Draft Plan and make a submission – your input helps shape the future of your community and Council appreciates hearing your thoughts on the direction we’re heading.

The first year of the Long Term Plan will also serve as the 2018/2019 Annual Plan and came into effect on 1 July 2018.

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