Sewer/Stormwater Connections


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Council has spent considerable monies in recent years building new sewer treatment plants to service the greater Greymouth area, Dobson/Taylorville/Kaiata and Blackball. When the schemes became operational (some were done in stages), properties in the relevant areas were then given two years to connect to the new scheme.

To date, less than half of affected properties have connected to these schemes. In Greymouth, this means that at times there are discharges and overflows of raw sewerage into the Grey River (along with stormwater). This is not an environmentally friendly thing to keep doing, nor is it a good look for our town. Properties outside of the greater Greymouth area who are not yet connected are still using onsite systems. The low proportion of connections have an impact as the new systems are designed to function best at optimum capacity – the more properties connected, the better the systems will run.

At its meeting in December 2018, Council considered its options in terms of encouraging people to connect. The two year deadline was reconfirmed by Council and we will be writing to properties who have not yet connected, reminding them of their obligations.

Properties where the deadline has already passed will be required to connect within three months or provide proof to Council that the work has been booked in (ie an accepted quote). Where the two year deadline has not yet been reached, property owners are advised to book the work in now as we understand that there are waiting lists in some instances.

We know there are limited number of registered plumbers/drainlayers available to do the required work, which can mean a wait for those wanting to get the work done. So we’ve put together a list of registered drainlaying companies/people that we are aware of to help property owners obtain quotes and get the work booked in.

List of known registered plumbers/drainlayers

BD Solutions 027 281 1566

Brunner Builders Ltd

021 432 515

Colin Alexander Plumbing

027 738 0013

Emerys Plumbing & Gas Fitting Ltd

03 762 6803

Jeff Evans

03 756 8111
TAP Plumbing 021 0284 8052

Paul Smith Earthmoving

03 768 0700
or 027 406 0494

Stantons Plumbing Service Ltd

03 768 5163

Tennent Plumbing

022 355 7116

Tomasi Plumbing & Drainlaying

027 606 4904

Topp Services

03 768 6912

Tru-Line Civil

03 768 6862

Niki Emery

021 701 226

Marcus Douch 027 278 8644
Duncan Hamilton 03 755 8397
Mark Keenan 03 755 6312
Stuart Mitchell 03 755 8068
Robert Oakly 03 755 8397
Philip Pooley 027 702 6028

Property owners are responsible for the costs of these works and will need to apply for a building consent. Costs can vary depending on how far your house or building is from your boundary, the extent of works required and how much you are able to do yourself, so please talk to your registered drainlayer.

If you have any queries, please call us on 03 769 8600.

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