Tiny Houses

2019-05-08T14:30:00 Pacific/Auckland

We’ve been getting a few enquiries lately on this matter so we’ve put together an information sheet about whether a building consent is needed for tiny homes, portable buildings, caravans, campers and busses.

If you have something you intend to use as a dwelling and it is:

  • Moveable (equipped with wheels, tracks or runners) AND
  • Not fixed to the ground or connected to services (water or sewer) AND
  • Is not permanently occupied

Then it is deemed to be a vehicle, not a building, in terms of the Building Act 2004. Providing all three requirements listed above continue to apply then it remains a vehicle and therefore is not anything that the Council’s Building Department is concerned with. However, if a vehicle becomes immovable or is occupied by people on a permanent or long‐term basis, then it will be treated as a building.

If you undertake building work associated with a vehicle, such as adding foundations or a foul/grey water disposal system, then that work will trigger the requirement for a Building Consent.

If you have something that does not meet all the tests of being a vehicle, then it is a building and it is required to comply with the regulations under both the Building Code and the Building Act 2004.

Please view the document below for full details. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the Building Department, phone 03 769 8600 or email building@greydc.govt.nz.

Tiny House information sheet (PDF, 126KB)

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