Utilities Connection Consent Form


2020-07-27T14:38:00 Pacific/Auckland

Building Consent applications made to the Grey District Council that involve a connection to the sewer and/or stormwater services must now contain approval for the connection from the Infrastructure Services Department.

This is in accordance with the New Zealand Building Act 2004 Section 45(1)(c), and is required to determine compliance with NZ Building Code Clauses E1.3.3(e) and G13.3.3. The Utilities Connection Consent Form required is available for download below.

The form needs to be completed and submitted for approved to Council's Infrastructure Services Department (769 8611), once approval has been granted it can be provided to Council's Building Department (769 8606) with the application for a Building Consent.

Utilities Connection Consent Form(PDF, 612KB)

The form can also be located on our website by clicking here.

Page reviewed: 27 Jul 2020 2:38pm