Road Closures

On this page you will find details of upcoming and proposed road closures.


None at present.


Pursuant to the Tenth Schedule of the Local Government Act 1974, notice is hereby given that the Grey District Council proposes to close the following streets to ordinary vehicular traffic for the period indicated hereunder:

Greymouth Motor Cycle Street Races - Sunday 21 October 2018

Streets to be closed

  • Tainui Street - from the Railway Crossing to Mackay Street
  • Mackay Street - from Noel Leemings to the roundabout
  • Albert Street - from Guinness Street to Mawhera Quay
  • Boundary Street - from Mawhera Quay to Leonard Street
  • Leonard Street - from Boundary Street to Herbert Street
  • Frederick Street - from Boundary Street to Williams Street
  • Williams Street - from Leonard Street to Guinness Street
  • Herbert Street - from Union Hotel to Roundabout
  • Guinness Street - from Railway Crossing to Boundary Street
  • Tarapuhi Street - from Guinness Street to Mawhera Quay
  • Gresson Street/Johnston Street corner to Boundary Street

Date of Closure

Sunday 21 October 2018

Time of Closure

4am until 7pm

Reason for Closure

Greymouth Motor Cycle Street Races

Map of Closure

Road closure map - Sunday 21 October 2018 (PDF, 2MB)

Any person objecting to the proposal is called upon to lodge notice of his/her objection and grounds thereof in writing before Monday 17 September 2018 at the office of the Grey District Council, 105 Tainui Street (PO Box 382) Greymouth.


Council does not look after State Highways - there are the responsibility of the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA).

You can find up-to-date information on any closures etc on the NZTA website:

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