Blocked Wastewater Pumps


2020-07-10T16:09:00 Pacific/Auckland

Are you aware of what you can put down sinks and toilets?

Even the smallest of item can cause big problems in not only your wastewater pipe, but our wastewater treatment plant.

Items like rags, tampons and sanitary pads, wet wipes, dental floss and nappies don't break down in the wastewater network. Instead they clump and block pipes, which cause big issues.

We all need to take responsibility for what and how we dispose of that unwanted wastewater and what we put down our drains. Unfortunately there appears to be an increase in issues in our district.

We want to help avoid any unnecessary costs in having your drains cleared. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at and we will be happy to help.

Click the below links to see photos of some items we have removed from our wastewater system recently

Blockage 1

Blockage 2

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