Council acknowledges busking is a form of entertainment that helps introduce a festive atmosphere in public spaces. Busking in our public spaces in the Grey District is welcomed and encouraged. No licence is required, however there are conditions that we ask buskers to comply with to make sure everyone enjoys our public spaces.

General conditions for buskers

  1. Busking is subject to the prior approval of the owner of the land involved. Apart from a fairness consideration, it provides the landowner with the opportunity to also preserve his/her rights in relation to health and safety etc.
  2. Audible noise/sound or other emissions, including smells/odours/gases of any kind, must be maintained at levels that will not offend the relevant Council officer attending complaints to, in his/her exclusive opinion, determine the validity of complaints received.
  3. Busking will not be allowed if it involves any aspects that may detract from the amenity value of the area.
  4. Busking shall not involve any material that may be deemed objectionable, also seen from a religious, cultural or ethnic viewpoint.
  5. No busking will take place where it or the audience watching impedes the free flow of traffic, including pedestrians or access to businesses or places of interest.
  6. Council seeks to have a collaborative relationship with those wishing to engage in spaces under its administration, however if this is not respected by those wishing to busk, with due consideration for the clauses listed here, the right to busk may be terminated with immediate effect.

You can read our policy on busking below.

 Busking in Public Places Policy (PDF, 89KB)

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on 03 769 8600 or email info@greydc.govt.nz.

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