Cobden Recreation Area

The Grey District Council is working with DOC and the community on the ecological restoration and rehabilitation of Cobden wetlands and development of a former dump site into a community recreational asset. Following feedback from the stakeholders, this area has been named Cobden Aromahana Sanctuary and Recreation Area.

There is great potential for restoring the estuarine and lagoon wetlands and coastal vegetation of Cobden Island to a more natural state thereby encouraging an increase in wildlife. Being situated by the sea, the river and encompassing the lagoon makes this an attractive recreational site and the natural setting provides a wonderful backdrop for many activities such as walking and fishing. The area is already popular with locals and a small number of visitors but has the potential to become a key conservation tourist attraction, recreational and amenity park for Greymouth.

This project is being supported by the Department of Conservation and they have committed to controlling weeds, replanting with natives, increasing whitebait spawning areas and providing some interpretation. A footpath around the lagoon, a birdwatching facility and a community park are some of the other improvements that the Council are undertaking with input from the community.

Current use of this area varies widely from surfing, speedway events, birdwatching, whitebaiting, fishing, photography, sightseeing, beachcombing and walking. A high number of bird species have been recorded from the area reflecting the various habitats present. By improving these habitats and allowing for better access it is envisaged birdwatchers and photographers will seek out this site.

A cornerstone site for this area is the old landfill. It is being turned into a community park by the sea. It will include a grassed area where you could picnic, have a BBQ, enjoy the coastal views and kick a ball around. This landscaped area would include plantings (both native and exotic) to provide shelter, shade and amenity. ​

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Photo: DOC

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