Westland Recreation Centre

Construction of the Westland Recreation Centre is progressing nicely and we can now announce an opening date that we are working to: Saturday 20 August 2016.


Progress photo from April 2016

 Photo taken from CYB Construction Ltd Facebook page

The new Westland Recreation Centre will replace the current ageing single court Civic Centre and provide our community with a new multi-purpose indoor stadium. It will have a double basketball sized court space, fitness centre, aerobics/activity/meeting space, a base for Sport West Coast and other codes and related indoor sport and community facilities.

Funding for the new stadium was kicked off with a Government grant of $3.5 million to the Grey District community following the tragic events at the Pike River mine in November 2010 in which 29 men lost their lives. After much consideration, Council decided to use the Government grant towards a much needed new indoor community recreation facility for the District.

The centre has been designed to address sport and recreation, health and wellbeing, education and training, civil defence, community and economic development needs. Once completed, it will also provide a valuable asset for our District’s young people. As well as this, with its large court spaces and amenities, the centre will provide a welfare base and back-stop communication centre in the event of a civil emergency.

The initial cost estimate for the new centre was around $10-11 million. Council worked hard to fine tune the budget to accommodate the needs of our community in the most financially efficient manner and the final estimated cost is just over $11 million. Council has had a tremendous response from funding partners, sponsors, gaming and other trusts and has been successful in raising the total amount required to meet design and construction costs.

The facility is expected to be operational in mid to late 2016.

Why is it called the Westland Recreation Centre?

When the idea of a recreation centre was first suggested, the name was proposed to be the Miners’ Recreation Centre in recognition of the grant received from the Government towards our economic future following the Pike River Mine disaster.

In June 2014 Council chose to change the name to the Westland Recreation Centre. It is interesting to note that both the Grey District and Westland District jointly make up Westland, both fall under the Westland Land Registry and are regularly referred to as Westland in news bulletins, weather reports etc. Greymouth and Hokitika jointly celebrate Westland Anniversary Day and a number of Greymouth businesses have Westland in their company name, eg Westland Workgear and Westland Engineering Supplies.

Using Westland in the stadium name recognises our origins and the completed facility will be a recreation hub for all of the West Coast and beyond.

Artist impression



Council has been very fortunate to receive many generous donations and sponsorship towards this project. The final funding is now in place for the multi million dollar Westland Recreation Centre.

$3.5mPike River 'stimulus package' from the Government
$1.7mConfidential donations
$800,000Development West Coast
$750,000Lotteries Commission
$25,000 McConnell Dowell
$800,000New Zealand Community Trust
$35,000Oceana Gold
$570,000Pike River Trust


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