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We’re looking for registrations of interest from community organisations wanting to hold events in the Town Square in 2019. This is a fantastic opportunity for events planners, businesses and community groups to utilise the central space for their community activities which will contribute to a varied and exciting programme for he Town Square. Use will be free of charge for fundraising activities for community organisations.

* CLARIFICATION - Organisations/groups keen to hold an event but who are not sure what their event might be or when they want to hold it should register their interest now. Groups will then have time to sort out the finer details with regards to their event and can discuss these with our staff. We are looking for these expressions of interest now so that we can put together a bulk road closure proposal, as well as create an events calendar. If you've got further queries, please don't hesitate to get in contact; contact details are below *

Please submit your interest to us by 5pm on Friday 16 November 2018 by completing the registration form. You can use the online form or download the form below, print it and once completed, drop it in to Council offices.

 Registration of Interest - Events in Town Square (PDF, 149KB)

Once confirmed, organisers will need to work through a simple event management plan and risk assessment process. We will then put together a programme of events ready for 2019.

Note: If we get more than one registration for the same date, the Community & Events Facilitator will work with both parties to find a compromise. If an agreement cannot be reached, Council staff will have the final decision on date allocations.

If you have any questions, please email aza.o'

Online Registration of Interest - Event in Town Square

(ie community organisation, charitable organisation etc)
Please include details of the planned event here or attach a separate document.
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1) I am making this application with the full mandate of the organisation identified herein as the Applicant; 2) The intended event will not be culturally, religiously, morally or otherwise controversial or objectionable; 3) I understand that fundraising events for community organisations will have preference of use and that in those circumstances the full proceeds of the event will go towards the applicant organisation/ body; 4) In the event of more than one registration for the same date, Council will, in consultation with the parties involved, make a final date allocation; 5) I understand that an approved event management plan, Health and Safety Plan and, depending on the circumstances, a Traffic Management Plan will be a requirement for the planned event to be held.
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