Freedom Camping in the Grey District

If you are in a SELF-CONTAINED vehicle meeting the NZ 5465 standard (in other words, you have a self-containment warrant sticker), then you can camp anywhere on Council controlled land except for the Jack's Road area in Paroa - this is a prohibited area for all freedom camping. When you are in Greymouth, we would prefer that you use the Council provided campervan parks at Cobden Bridge and Jellyman Park. Both are free and have some facilities to assist freedom campers, like dump stations and litter bins. In addition, if you are visiting Lake Brunner we would like you to use the camping site at Iveagh Bay. Maps showing the locations of these Council provided campervan parks are included in our Freedom Camping Bylaw.

 Freedom Camping Bylaw (PDF, 3MB)

If you are NOT SELF-CONTAINED (ie you don't meet the NZS 5465 and do not have the facilities to contain your own waste), then you can freedom camp on any Council controlled land that is more than 200 m away from a formed road. Otherwise, you have to use a registered Motorhome Park in the Grey District.

All freedom campers are limited to three nights in any one location and ten nights overall in any calendar month. However, remember, these rules only apply to Council controlled land and do not affect Department of Conservation land (they have their own rules), State Highway or private land.​

See the video below from Campermate which provides some useful tips for freedom camping in the Grey District.

Please also read our frequently asked questions for further information.

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