Mayors Taskforce for Jobs

​The Mayors Taskforce for Jobs (MTFJ) prides itself on being a network that consists of New Zealand’s Mayors and their communities. With this, collectively comes great knowledge and experience which is what makes us the strongest and best-placed group to ensure that everyone is given the opportunity to fulfill their potential. 

Covid-19 has seen great challenges in our economy.  Mayors Taskforce for Jobs, in conjunction with the Ministry of Social Development NZ has been allocated funding to support local businesses in recruiting, training and retaining people into employment, with the focus being on young people.  

Tania Gibson, Grey District Mayor, is proud to be leading the initiative for her district working alongside Marina Tomasi-Atkinson as the Grey District Council’s Coordinator. She can help our communities, job seekers and employers with recruitment, training guidance and funding assistance with employment opportunities to help throughout this unprecedented time. 

Mayors Taskforce for Jobs Website

​​To read more about the MTFJ click here to view their official website.​​

Get in touch 

If you are an employer looking to create opportunities or are seeking employment, please get in touch with us to see how we can assist you. 

Contact Marina Tomasi-Atkinson on:

Phone: 027 243 9381​
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