Animal Control

Council's Animal Control unit operates a 24 hour, 7 days a week service and will respond to almost anything associated with the control of animals and stock. An immediate response will be actioned upon notification of roaming/wandering stock on district roads. You can call the Council at any time on 03 769 8600 to report wandering stock (please follow the prompts if calling after hours).

Dog control

Grey District Council is home to more than 2,800 registered dogs and it is the responsibility of Council's Animal Control unit to ensure animals are looked after and the 1,800 owners are aware of their obligations under both Government Legislation and Council Bylaws.

It is important that all dog owners that are thinking about purchasing a new dog are aware of their responsibilities under the Dog Control Act and the Grey District Council Bylaw. Both of these documents can be downloaded below or found at Council offices.

You can find some dog control statistics about the Grey District on the website.

Stock control

Many people keep animals and stock in the Grey District. In most cases, the keeping of animals and stock does not create a problem. The majority of owners are responsible and know how to ensure that their animals do not create a nuisance to other people.

However, in some situations, the presence of animals can result in issues to others. The nuisance is usually the result of how animals are kept, the animal's behaviour, the conditions or locations in which the animal is being cared for or as a result of the animal being brought into a public place. The nature of the problem is different in urban and rural areas.

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