Processing and Granting Building Consents


​​Processing building consents

Once you have submitted your building consent, Council has 20 working days from the date the application is formally received for processing to decide whether to grant or refuse to grant the building consent.

An initial deposit is required to be paid before the processing of a building consent application can be commenced. An invoice can be obtained from Council once the building consent application has been received.

Once the application has been checked for completeness, your application will be reviewed by a Building Control Officer and assessed (processed) for compliance against the Building Code and Building Act.

Building Act consideration of your application will specifically cover the following:

Grey District Council sent information to property owners of potentially earthquake prone buildings in March 2016. Information regarding earthquake prone buildings is available here.

If you are wanting to undertake building work on a house, you will need to be aware of restricted building work. Information regarding restricted building work can be found here.

Producer statements will be considered for Council to be satisfied on reasonable grounds the proposed building work will meet the requirement of the Building Code. Any producer statement submitted by an appropriately qualified person must be accompanied by the correct design methodologies and supporting calculations.

If we have to request further information (RFI), the statutory working day count clock stops. Information requests will be emailed to the agent in the first instance. Please note that if the requested information or advice is not received within 28 days we will make contact to check on progress, and the application may be refused as per the Building Act section 50.

Once the Building Control Officer is satisfied on reasonable grounds with the statutory compliance in accordance with Section 49 of the Building Act, the building consent is granted.

Your application will also require confirmation of compliance with the Resource Management Act and whether your application is subject to Development Contributions. This will be identified upfront with a Project Information Memorandum (PIM). Alternatively, if you do not apply for a PIM, this information will be attached to the issued building consent.

Further information can be found on our Customers and Designers Information page.

Granting and issuing the consent

Once the consent is granted, you will receive a letter advising you that the application is ready to be issued. Any money owing at this time needs to be paid before you receive the consent. Once any fees are paid notification will be emailed to the agent and the owner advising that the consent and approved documents are in the customer portal ready to be downloaded, and it is considered issued. If hardcopy documents are requested, they are charged out with appropriate printing charges.

Unfortunately, having a building consent does not necessarily mean that construction may start. In some cases other permissions (like Resource Consent) may first need to be obtained. Such notifications are issued with your building consent documentation.

The issued Form 5 certificate for your building consent will list any conditions (below), advise notes, endorsements, construction monitoring and inspection requirements established throughout the processing of the application. Each building site is unique and will have its own individual requirements so it is important you read the documents and pay particular attention to all the requirements listed on your building consent.

Building Act conditions that may apply:​

  • Section 67 (waivers or modifications of building code)
  • Section 73 (building on land subject to natural hazards)
  • Section 75 (Construction of building on 2 or more allotments)
  • Section 90 (Inspections by building consent authorities)
  • Section 113 (Buildings with specified intended lives)​

Cost of building consents

The total cost of a building consent depends on the type of application, cost of work involved and the level of detail provided.

The quality of the information provided at the time of application will also affect the overall fees, eg a poor level of design information takes longer to process and the time taken to review the same and respond to further enquiries is potentially an added cost to the building owner.

All building consents are subject to the following levies:

​Building Research Levy (set by the Building Research Levy Act 2004)​$1.00 per $1,000.00 value (or part thereof) of building work valued at $20,000.00 or more
Building Levy (set by the Building Act 2004)​$1.75 per $1,000.00 value (or part thereof) of building work valued at $20,444.00 or more
Accreditation​$4.20 per $1,000.00 value (or part thereof) of all building work – inclusive of GST

Development Contributions will depend on the building work being undertaken and are currently not applied to residential construction.

Please refer to Fees and Charges for current consent costs.

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