Applying for a Building Consent


​When is a building consent required?

A building consent is required for all new building work and where there is a change of use or alterations to existing buildings.

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Some building work is exempt from the need for a building consent - check out the list in Schedule 1 of the Building Act 2004. Further guidance information can be found on our Customers and Designers Information  page. If you are unsure whether you will need a building consent or not, please contact the Building Department at Council, phone 03 769 8608, email

If your project requires a building consent, it MUST be obtained before any of the building work commences on site, so please make sure that you start the application process well before construction is due to start on site.

If your project does not require a building consent, the building work undertaken will still need to meet the requirements of the Building Code.


  • A building consent may lapse if the work is not started within 12 months after the date of issue of the consent. Please let the Building Control team know if you will require more time to begin work.
  • Council has to decide whether to issue or refuse a Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) within two years of granting a building consent. If the work is not going to be completed within two years, it is essential that you advise the Council and request an extension of time.

Applying for a building consent

Grey District Council has two methods for applying for a building consent - online or submitting paper forms. You can choose the method what suits you best.

Online applications

Applications for building consents can be made using the West Coast District Councils Online Consent Application System. Access AlphaOne, the online consents portal here.

AlphaOne is the electronic means for you to upload and submit the following applications:

  • PIM only (to read more about PIM's please click here)​
  • Building consent (with or without PIM)
  • Amendment to a building consent
  • Code Compliance Certificate
  • Exemption from the need for building consent

AlphaOne also enables uploading of documents during the consent and inspection phases.

Submitting paper forms

If you don't have computer access to submit your application electronically, you will need to complete a building consent application form and submit it with all the necessary supporting information to the Building Control team along with your payment. Use the relevant checklist to ensure you supply the required documentation with your application for PIM and/or building consent.

Please refer to Fees and Charges for current consent costs.



Further forms are available from the building control Forms page.

Further guidance information can be found on our Customers and Designers Information page.

Under Section 46 of the Building Act 2004, the BCA is required to send certain applications to Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) Design Review Unit (DRU) for review under the Fire Service Act. Where this occurs, the DRU have ten (10) working days in which to provide their feedback/memorandum to the BCA.
The memorandum issued by the DRU will set out their advice in regard to provisions for means of escape from fire and the needs of persons who are authorised by law to enter the building to undertake fire-fighting.
Information about the types of applications that are required to be sent are available here.

If you have any queries or need help, please contact the Building Control team, phone 03 769 8608, email

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