Building Consents

Please click on the tabs below for information on when a consent is required, how to apply, processing times, inspections and more. If you have any queries, please contact the Building Department on 03 769 8608, email

Doing your research early can save time and money later. You need to identify the need for specific design or other technical reports before you submit a building consent application.

What is a building consent?

A building consent is the formal approval (certificate) issued by a Building Consent Authority (BCA) that confirms we're satisfied on reasonable grounds that any proposed building works meet the requirements of the New Zealand Building Act, Building Regulations and Building Code. A building consent is required before you can begin building works (unless where the building owner has determined that the works may be exempt from requiring a consent under Schedule 1 of the Building Act).

As an approved BCA, Grey District Council's role includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Receiving, considering and making decisions on applications for building consents within statutory time limits;
  • Undertaking inspections of building work to ensure it is compliant with the building consent;
  • Issuing building consents, Code Compliance Certificates (CCC) and Compliance Schedules;
  • Issuing of Notices to Fix; and
  • Dealing with customer enquiries.

The roles and responsibilities of the Grey District Council as a Territorial Authority (TA) which are directly related to building control functions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Issuing Project Information Memoranda, Building Consents subject to waivers or modifications, amendments, Certificates of Acceptance, Compliance Schedules and Certificates for Public Use;
  • Administering audits, and enforcing Building Warrants of Fitness;
  • Undertaking functions in relation to dangerous, affected, earthquake-prone and insanitary buildings; and
  • Granting exemptions under Schedule 1 of the Building Act 2004. Note: It is the responsibility of the building Owner(s) to determine if any proposed building work is exempt from requiring a building consent and ensuring it complies with the Building Code.

Complaints process

A customer has a right to appeal or to complain about any building control function the building consent authority (BCA) has undertaken and have this heard and resolved.

 Grey District Council Building Consent Authority Complaints Policy (PDF, 80KB)

Complaints provide feedback about service experience and give us the opportunity to improve our performance. You can phone us on 03 769 8608 if you wish to make a general enquiry. If, however, you feel a more formal complaint process is necessary, your complaint must be made in writing. You can use the online feedback form here, email or send a letter to Grey District Council, PO Box 382, Greymouth 7840.

If you are still unhappy or choose to use an alternative route to settle a matter of doubt or dispute, you may apply to Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, MBIE, for either a determination or alternative resolution guidance. Visit the MBIE website for further information on this service.

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