Factor in Consent Processing Times


Did you know that under Section 48 (1A) of the Building Act 2004, a Building Consent Authority (BCA) has 20 working days of receipt of a building consent application to either grant or refuse the consent?

Therefore if you’ve got a building project coming up, make sure you factor building consent processing into your timeline. Works cannot commence without a consent being processed and this could take up to four weeks, possibly longer in complex cases or where applications are incomplete or non-compliant.

In some instances, it might be necessary for BCA’s to require further information to make its decision – when these requests are made, the consent processing period is suspended until the information is received and the BCA can continue.

Council therefore wants to take this opportunity to remind all building owners or agents to ensure that:

  • Their building consent application is complete and is in compliance with the Building Code. The more comprehensive and complete an application is when submitted initially may prevent delays caused by the need for further information.
  • Consent processing time is allowed for in your project timeline. Building works must not commence before a consent has been issued and Council processes all consents in the order in which they are received (to be fair to everyone in our District who wishes to get a building consent).

If you have any questions about applying for a consent or the information you may need to provide, please contact Council’s Building Department.​

Page reviewed: 25 Nov 2014 4:23pm