No Consent Required


The Building Amendment Act 2013 (dated 28 November 2013) introduced a number of legislative changes to buildings in general, including a new Schedule 1 - 'Building work for which building consent not required'.

On 20 March 2014 new guidance documentation was received from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) on 'Building work that does not require a building consent'. A copy of this document is available below. You can also contact MBIE direct for further information:, e-mail or telephone 0800 242 243.

 Building works not requiring a consent (PDF, 1MB)

It is the responsibility of the Building Owner to determine whether or not the intended building work is exempt from requiring a building consent and to make sure that exempt building work undertaken complies with the NZ Building Code. Even if the proposed building work is exempt, you can still choose to apply for a building consent.

To formalise any exempt building work, you may also wish to apply for an "exemption". This is recorded on the relevant property file and should assist in any future sale and purchase of the building. If you choose this course of action, Council does have an application form titled 'Application for or Record of Exempt Building Work', reference BAM 017 (please go to the Forms page to download this form). A small fixed fee of $150 applies for Council to administer and respond to the application.

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