Thirty Minutes Free Advice to Building Owners

As of 1 July 2017, new legislation regarding Earthquake Prone Buildings took effect. Grey District Council is currently working through the legislation and guidance and will be contacting affected building owners in due course.

Our Environmental Services staff provides 30 minutes’ free technical advice to building owners. Any assistance over this time may be charged out at rates adopted by Council (as per the Annual Plan).

This service is in line with that offered by Westland District Council and Buller District and all three Coast Councils remain committed to implementing a consistent level of service to owners and their agents across the West Coast.

Full details of the building consent process are available on our website and summarised below. We encourage all owners and agents to familiarise themselves with their responsibilities and the deadlines.

For further information on earthquake prone buildings, please visit the MBIE website

Building consent process - summary

  • ​If an agent is nominated on the building consent application, they will receive any invoices for consent costs unless they specifically identify on the consent application that the invoice is to go to the owner.
  • When your application is accepted, the statutory timeframe, or clock of 20 working days for processing begins. We (BCA) will make a decision on your building consent within 20 working days.
  • During processing of your application, the clock stops if we have to request further information (RFI). This will be emailed to the agent in the first instance. If the required information is not received within 14 days a reminder will go out to the agent and cc’d to the owner. Please note that if the requested information or advice is not received within 28 days, the application may be refused as per the Building Act section 50.
  • Once a consent is issued, the consent will be emailed to the agent and the owner. If hardcopy documents are requested, they are charged out with appropriate printing charges.
  • Please call (03) 769 8608 to book each inspection. For the purposes of Section 222(4)(a)(ii) of the Building Act 2004, Grey District Council requires the applicant to provide at least two working days’ notice prior to each required inspection.
  • Depending on the type of building work being undertaken (for example, but not limited to, new residential dwellings, new commercial and industrial premises, and major alterations to residential, commercial and industrial buildings etc.), it is essential that key aspects of the BUILDING WORK must be COMPLETED in totality. This is necessary to avoid inconclusive final inspections which could incur additional costs for return inspections. Inspections results will be forwarded to relevant parties.
  • Please note the Grey District Council (as Building Consent Authority) will continue to follow up with non-compliances as per the Building Act 2004.
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