Council's Earthquake Prone Buildings

​​What does Council do in relation to its earthquake prone buildings?

Council owns a number of buildings in the district that are used for operational purposes or leased out to third parties. Council is concerned about this issue as it relates to safety of those visiting/using such buildings. Council is reviewing the issue carefully and has implemented the following steps in relation to buildings that cannot realistically be closed down.

Council has had/is having an IEP undertaken on all relevant buildings it owns. Council is urgently proceeding with Detailed Assessments where the IEP indicates the building is potentially earthquake prone.

Those working in earthquake prone buildings have been advised of the status of the buildings and of the potential risks involved. Special attention is given in Health and Safety Plans to create safe zones and evacuation plans.

A notice is displayed in the foyers of buildings advising that the building is potentially earthquake prone or is earthquake prone and that entry is at own risk. This recognises the rights of members of the public to be informed of the risk and to give them the choice of entering or not.

Council will take final decisions on the future of each building once the full assessments and an estimate of costs to strengthen buildings are available.

Known information on Grey District Council buildings

Note: Those buildings built after 1992 are not included, as they are built to current code and are therefore at least 100% of NBS.





Grey District Council Tainui St Officesbuilding upgraded 2011100%100%Not required
Runanga Service CentreJan-201228%To DoYes
Left Bank Art GalleryJan-20128%15 to 25%*Yes
Greymouth LibraryJan-201227%40%Not required
Women's CentreFeb-201210%To DoYes
History HouseFeb-20128%20 to 30%Yes
17-26 Tarapuhi Street – R Browns Panel BeatersMar- 20124%11%Yes
17-26 Tarapuhi Street – Muffler ShopMar - 20124%100%Not required
Lord St depotMar-20128%To DoYes
ASB Civic CentreNov-201140%40%Not required
Public Toilets - ANZAC Park

not doing - likely to be demolished

Miners Hall RunangaFeb-20129%To DoYes
Harbour Board BuildingMar-20128%To DoYes
Changing Sheds and Toilet Block - Iveagh BayFeb-201213%To DoYes
Public Toilets - Yacht Club MoanaFeb-201255%Not requiredNot required
Public Toilets - RunangaFeb-201242%Not requiredNot required
Public Toilets - Shakespeare Street

not doing - likely to be demolished

Plunket Rooms - RunangaFeb-2012> 67%Not requiredNot required

 * Further investigation may be carried out on this building


  • Where only the IEP has been done and the building is less than 33%NBS the signage means that the building is potentially earthquake prone.
  • Where the DA has been done and the building is less than 33%NBS, the signage means that the building is earthquake prone.
  • Information last updated: 4 September 2012.
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