Council's Role

​​There has been a number of issues raised by the Greymouth business community concerning earthquake prone buildings and the Grey District Council's (GDC) role.

Council has two roles in relation to this:

  1. As a building owner itself, GDC needs to comply with the earthquake prone building policy, health and safety responsibilities and other statutory requirements. To this end GDC is undertaking a review of all its own buildings not currently considered to meet the minimum requirements of the building code through engineering assessments. Where GDC finds one of its own buildings not meeting the requirements, it is placing placards to ensure the public is aware of the status of the building. This is not a mandatory requirement under the earthquake prone buildings policy.
  2. As a regulator of buildings in the Grey District, GDC also has the responsibility to follow the requirements of Sections 133AA to 133AY of the Building Act 2004.​


Grey District Council buildings

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Earthquake prone building policy

Environmental Services Department
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