Civil defence emergency management exercises are activities that consider or simulate a real life situation so that agencies can test or review their procedures and give civil defence personnel and volunteers practice in defined roles.

Grey District Council is involved in regular civil defence exercises as they are a core part of readiness and assist in identifying gaps and issues, playing a vital role in the process of developing local and national community resilience.

The lessons identified in the exercises are integrated into updated plans and procedures for Grey District and regional Civil Defence that improve our ability to respond to and recover from an emergency.

Local authorities (like Council), emergency services, local utility providers, government agencies and other local partner agencies work, plan, train and respond together in the exercises, as well as in real life situations. Research shows that people generally respond to an emergency the way that they have trained.

Information on civil defence exercises will be available on our website when they are due to occur. Sometimes many Council staff are involved in the civil defence exercises, which can cause service delays to our community. We ask for your patience during these times as we are training to be better prepared to respond to our community's needs in the event of a real life emergency.

Page reviewed: 15 Jan 2016 9:40am