Our Strategy

The Community Economic Development Strategy looks at an economic development vision for the District, identifying strategic themes and actions that will stimulate growth. Note: This strategy is intended to be a working document and will grow and change as the projects and actions evolve. 

2015 review

​Both Council and the Network Partners have achieved much that was set out in the original 2013 iteration of the Strategy. Progress against the identified actions has been reported back to the EDLG, community and Council as they have occurred.

During November and December of 2014, the Strategy was reviewed given the current development environment and new opportunities. Progress against the identified goals was also presented in the Draft Strategy. Feedback from the EDLG and community was incorporated and reviewed once more before the Final Strategy for 2015-2025 was developed. The current Strategy is available to download below.


Current Strategy

 Community Economic Development Strategy 2015-2025 (PDF, 888KB)

Previous versions

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