Environment & Health

Looking after our environment

We want to ensure that our District is a healthy, vibrant and progressive place to live, work, play and invest in. We work hard to make sure our living environment is clean and safe for everyone by monitoring and enforcing the rules and regulations for the District. You can find information on how to report abandoned cars, excessive noise and untidy properties on the tabs below.

Looking after our environmental health

Environmental Health covers a wide range of topics, including the following:

​Food safety​Food hygiene
​Food poisoning​Monitoring of commercial food premises
​​Mobile food caravans​​Public food stalls
​Infectious Disease control​General potable water supplies
​Safety of public water supplies & sewage systems​Semi-public water supplies
Private sewage control​Semi-public & public swimming pools
Commercial noise monitoring​Hairdressers premises
​Camping grounds

Legislation controlling the provisions of Environmental Health is the Health Act 1956 and the Food Act 1981.

Council's Environmental Health Officer (EHO) is also involved with Civil Defence, Health Education, Building Plans and Bylaw control. The EHO assists with Council's District rules within the District Plan.​

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