Abandoned Cars

Abandoned vehicles cannot remain in public places or on the roadside for reasons of health, safety and general untidiness.

Council handles vehicles which have been abandoned on or located in public places within the Grey District. Council does not have the jurisdiction to deal with abandoned vehicles on private property - these instances should be referred to the Police. The Police also deal with abandoned vehicles that may endanger other road users.

A vehicle is considered abandoned if both the registration and the warrant/certificate of fitness have expired by more than 31 days.

Reporting an abandoned vehicle

If the location of the vehicle is causing an obstruction or danger, please contact the Police.

Otherwise, please contact the Council and provide the following information:

  • The vehicle's location.
  • The vehicle's make, model, colour and registration number.
  • How long it has been there. 
  • The name of the vehicle's owner, if possible. (If the vehicle is near your residence, please ask your neighbours if they know anything about it.)
  • Any other information, such as whether wheels are missing or if the vehicle is burnt out.

We will inspect the vehicle and the location and if it falls under Council's jurisdiction, we will remove and impound the vehicle. Council will then send a letter to the car's known owner, its last registered owner or to the person entitled to possession of the vehicle, advising that they have ten (10) days in which to claim the vehicle. A public notice will also go into the paper advising that Council has impounded a vehicle being reported as abandoned and asking the owner to claim the vehicle within ten (10) days.

If in ten (10) days the vehicle has not been claimed or there is no contact from the person responsible for the vehicle, we will either dispose of the vehicle or, if it is in saleable condition, advertise the vehicle for tender. 

Costs incurred by Council to trace the owner of an abandoned vehicle or to remove it can be charged to the last known owner.

To report an abandoned vehicle, please contact Council on (03) 769 8600 during work hours.

Sale of abandoned vehicles

Council disposes of abandoned vehicles that have not been claimed by their owners (this is after the required period of notice to the previous owner) and which are in saleable condition by tender. All vehicles are sold on an "as is, where is" basis.​

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