Untidy Properties

Overgrown/untidy properties

Overgrown/untidy properties are a very common complaint all year round and can have some serious implications. Council will investigate overgrown properties if they pose a potential risk to health by:

  • Being a potential fire hazard, ie long dry grass.
  • If the overgrowth is in such a state that it is likely to be a breeding ground for rats and other vermin.
  • If the property is in such a state that it is likely to be a breeding ground for flies, mosquitoes or other insects which are capable of causing or transmitting disease.

If you cannot get the property owner to look after their property, contact Council and we will write to the owner. If nothing has been done by the owner after a reasonable amount of time, Council can take other steps to ensure it is cleared and no longer poses a potential risk to health.


Complaints about overgrown and abandoned properties can be made to the Grey District Council. They need to be made in writing and can be addressed to:

Grey District Council
PO Box 382
Greymouth 7840

Or email info@greydc.govt.nz

You will need to give details of the property along with your name and contact details. It is very difficult to action an anonymous complaint.

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